entry 106

the potluck was awesome. lots of fun. rodney did an excellent job, was an uber host, and someone even voted for my casarole as being the best dish there! yay! i voted for the sushi though. mmmm that was super.
seems lately i’ve been visiting people and people have been playing host. i can not say that i am sure what that means, if anything. i think it could explain my recent desire to have all my co-workers over for a similar potluck-type-dinner.
when i was in vancouver i picked up the new bjork – greatest hits CD. i also got the U2 – greatest hits double CD. how can you tell that i’ve been buying records the last few years and not CDs? catching up..
the bjork CD has isobel on it, one of my all-time favorite songs. and human behavior. elite. perhaps i should be putting this CD in the stereo instead of simply posessing it. eh? heh.
i have to be up in 7 hours. i thought i had to be at work for 10 am. doh. feck.
well i’m going to lie down and see if bjork can wash away this mood i am in. i have to confess that i have always been a bigger fan of the production on bjork’s songs than her voice in particular. is that wrong? who produces this stuff? hmm time to find out.
isobel: written by bjork, nellee hooper, marius de vries and sigur jon birgir.
human behaviour: written by bjork & nellee hooper
hyperballad: written by bjork, produced by bjork & nellee hooper.
it would seem that she is in cohoots with this ‘nellee hooper’ person!
and now..
..words: human behaviour

if you ever get close to a human
and human behaviour
be ready to get confused
there’s definitely no logic
to human behaviour
but yet so irristible
there’s no map
to human behaviour
they’re terribly moody
then all of a sudden turn happy
but, oh, to get involved in the exchange
of human emotions is ever so satisfying
there’s no map
and a compass
wouldn’t help at all

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  1. bjork is one krazy chik. i have to agree with you about her voice, i mean, i wouldn’t want it to be anything else, but well, you said it already.
    i remember the first time i heard human behaviour. it was on 107.7 and i was on I5 just north of seattle, an august morning what is now a helluva long time ago.
    i gave in and bought both debut and post when i first heard army of me,it was at scandals on a sunday night, 12,000 watts of what remains one of my favourite bass lines ever, and the production is very high-res.though perhaps the refrain of hyper-ballad stands out the most in my mind, and maybe only ’cause the other words are so strange:
    I go through all this
    Before you wake up
    So I can feel happier
    To be safe up here with you
    you get to sleep in until 7:30? you slacker! 5:41 and if i don’t get in gear here, i’m gonna be late.

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