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  1. Sweet! Those are nice looking jackets you guys have.
    I couldn’t help but think it — did the photographer make the four of you on that box to hold your heads with your fists? 🙂

  2. krishen: no, it was my idea and it seemed to be a good one at the time.. i thought we were more centered than we were! Ah well, still looks good.
    julie: hee hee

  3. Tune into CFAX 1070 tonight at 5:45pm, when BC Hydro’s Sean Thomas outlines the new Power Smart initiatives, including this ambitious light bulb extravoganza!

  4. i heard the bc hydro ads on the radio today about the lightbulbs! and so i said, “my friend davin’s giving those lightbulbs away!” but there was no one in the car to hear me…

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