what a gorgeous day!

I got up early today. For davin, early on a Sunday means before noon — specifically, 9 a.m. I went for breakfast with Krishen, Mavis, Craig and Erica. Afterwards, we wandered around downtown for a while and Craig participated in mockery of tourists, which means he really lives in Victoria — in case there was any doubt.
I left town and went to go meet up with devon at Mayfair Mall. I ran into Jordy on the way in .. an old friend from the STS days. He looks a lot different, that much is for certain. Certainly 8 years and puberty will make a difference. A haircut and ditching of glasses. Yep, looks completely different.
So devon’s boyfriend Jeremy brought his digital camera with him. This means I will have pictures to link to later to tell the story.. but for now I will excite you with words! haha.
Afterwards we took the scenic drive to Gyro Park and climbed on the concrete beasts. These pictures are going to be hilarious, I am certain of that. 🙂
Then we went up Mt. Doug and took in the view. Just beautiful. Have I mentioned gorgeous? Anyways I took devon and Jeremy to the ferry where I saw the biggest ferry lineup ever. I think it went a good kilometer back at least past the overpass before the ticket buying booths. And the walk-on lineup was gone past the ends of the bus stops outside of the departures building, and around the corner. woah.
Tonight I’m going swimming with Krishen at Oak Bay Rec Center. That is it for now!

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  1. i’ve never seen the ferries that busy before either, not even on the long weekends or at christmas. i had to wait in line on the highway too, both ways. coming home was way worse though. good thing i have a cell phone so i can call all my friends to entertain me while i wait. oh, and i highly recommend keeping some sleeman’s in the car for possible long ferry waits too. 🙂
    glad you had a good weekend!

  2. julie .. smart girl! I don’t know how long it took devon and Jeremy to get over .. but it couldn’t have been fun. I don’t think they had any sleemans with them. hehehe.

  3. we had some beer! but we did not drink it. we didn’t get to the other side until 9pm. it was crazy! the 5pm sailing had to help in some marine emergency, which is the boat that was in the port when you drove away, davin. and the reason the foot passengers were lined up that far was that the 5pm sailing was full (!!) but we ended up getting on the 6pm and that was all good except that when we got on the other side we had to wait a huge chunk of time before docking because there was a medical emergency on the duke point ferry and they got priority boarding and this is the longest run-on sentence ever.

  4. holy smokes! there’s *always* room for walk-on passengers. well, except for last weekend apparently. why is the island seem extra busy with tourists this summer?

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