save me from this wasting
pull me from this wreckage
though i’ll try to lay the blame on you
yes i’ll try to lay the blame on you
hold me so i wont fall apart
kiss me till you undo the hurt
and ill try to lay the blame on you
yes i’ll try to lay the blame on you
luminary – wasting – written, produced and performed by two people who met through a random person search on ICQ 3 years ago. now heard as played by some of the most famous dj’s in the universe and the odd local.

top ten most downloaded mixes

tea at the breakwater
out of all the radio shows and mix cd’s i’ve put up for download, here are the top ten most downloaded as of november 12th, 2005:

  1. AFK – Pacific Front Sessions Mix October (2005) [Download]
  2. ariz0na – The Rush (2004) [Download]
  3. AFK – Protonized on Proton Radio (2005) [Download]
  4. AFK – Storm Warning 001 (2005) [Download]
  5. ariz0na – Shimmer (2004) [Download]
  6. ariz0na – Elliptical Orbit (2002) [Download]
  7. ariz0na – Force of Nature (2000) [Download]
  8. ariz0na – Adrenaline (2005) [Download]
  9. ariz0na – Stealth (2002) [Download]
  10. ariz0na – Proton Radio Featured Artist Mix (2003) [Download]

pretty interesting that the AFK stuff has been pretty consistently well received, though I have a feeling that the Adrenaline mix will be closer to the top of the list by the end of the month, it’s getting about a hundred downloads a week at the moment.

now i must remember

(clicky for larger)
Do you ever think that
This is now I must remember?
You take in all around you
Colours, taste and smell
Before it fades like a dying ember
I had coffee with rum
Sang along to the drums
Of the crowd
As we cheered the dawning
And I want to save it
Somewhere safe
So I’ll remember
Bring it out one day
When everything looks grey
To make me smile
When I’m feeling tender
And we climbed a hill top
Following a new friend
In the sun of the early morning
All day
The rush of life
Makes a memory distant
I remember long ago
Certain things were simple pleasures

lyrics from bent – now i must remember
* * *
looking at my camera in the past tense. i remember when i used to tear around with this thing, so proud of it and all that it could do. i haven’t gone out on a trip with it in some time. battery charging mechanism doesn’t work in it. so i get 5 minutes at a time. my phone isn’t charging properly either. my computer crashes at least once a day now. the needles on my turntables are old and need replacing.
my tools are getting dull.

ariz0na – Adrenaline

This mix is probably the closest representation yet of a live dj set that i have done yet with a mix CD in terms of energy and flow. The mixes are much more straight-ahead and as a result the pace and direction is really solid. It is one solid build from start to finish – this is the progressive ‘ramp’ that some DJ’s refer to.. going ever upwards.


  1. Unknown – Himmel (Matthew Dekay remix)
  2. Quivver and Blackwatch – Loveless (Ramsay remix)
  3. Danny Tenaglia – Bottom Heavy (Austin Leeds and Luke Chable remix)
  4. New Disco Science Alliance – Only Way Home
  5. Minilogue – Unknown
  6. Matsumoto and DJ Yoshi – Dreamer (Luke Chable remix)
  7. George Jung – Get Together (21st Century Fux remix)
  8. Tilt – Twelve (Max Graham remix)
  9. Midtone – Pearl
  10. Signal Runners – 3000 Miles Away (Probspot remix)
  11. Tilt – New Day (David West remix)
Download: ariz0na – Adrenaline