taking account

it would probably be a good idea for me to go over the bright spots in my life right now:

  • i have lots of time to myself
  • one of me and my brother’s tracks got licensed to a love parade compilation
  • iTunes is selling my music now, i’m that legit
  • my family is alive and well
  • i’m almost finished a fantastic book (davin ci code)
  • i’m in decent shape
  • new music collaborations are in the works with vince, anand, justin, charles and possibly johanna and josee .. damn we could all have a band if we lived in the same city. a techno orchestra. i would be the .. conductor since i’m not a real musician. just kidding. no i’m not. yes i am.
  • work is challenging and rewarding
  • i finished a new song (pretty much) and i’m uberstoked on it
  • i have some pretty kickass friends
  • my apartment is awesome and i love hanging out there.

sounds pretty good eh?

music nerd

i fell asleep last night downloading VST and AU plugins and testing them on audio tracks in Eclipse. i am officially a sound nerd. i found some pretty twisted sound manipulation effects. it is absolutely no replacement for good composition but definitely some sound processors that will help set your sound apart from other peoples.
this morning i reprogrammed my alarm clock in my sleep to wake me up tomorrow morning instead of today. easier than hitting snooze, some part of me thought. well that was stupid.