i can’t tell the difference

after like, half a year of not changing / washing the sheets on my bed, i did so yesterday. and i like, can’t tell the difference. i must just be naturally clean?!
what’s the damn point! why do you care, you don’t sleep with me. heh heh heh.

10 thoughts on “i can’t tell the difference”

  1. This is exactly why men MUST have women around, otherwise we slip into a blackhole of filth. Don’t feel bad, I have done it before. Actually, I know a guy that didn’t even have sheets for a year. Seemed to work for him.

  2. Oh.. I didn’t mean that to be sexist like I expect women to clean up my filth. Rather that I become embaresed and clean it myself.
    Just want to make that clear. 🙂

  3. what? you guys tidy before we come over? since when?
    all i ever get is “sorry about the mess” and “don’t go in the kitchen”

  4. haha, alison, that IS after they’ve cleaned up. Scary, no? 🙂
    And davin, eew! A warning: women have a MUCH better sense of smell than guys do. Even if you don’t think there’s a difference, let me assure you that there IS, and that it’s been noticed. *g*

  5. this is an example of the eternal dilemma: to bring a boy home, where you know the level of cleanliness but risk a potential stalker knowing where you live; or, to go to the boy’s house, where you risk a staph infection from touching the wrong thing.

  6. oooooh, the delight of slipping into my freshly washed sheets on laundry day. I get goosebumps just thinking about the smoothness of those sheets.
    although, i could probably get a similar effect if i just re-made my bed, but it’s the thought too. right?

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