no energy

richard’s evil grimace
whoah. just got home. i am coughing like .. a 90 year old who has smoked all their life. except i am not 90, and i do not smoke.
last night at hush was quite good. quiet at first, but then people started trickling in. i like playing once every couple months more than weekly — weekly is just too draining (and expensive.) Braeden and i played very well together. i don’t really know why we DJ so well together but i am not questioning it. it was a blast! we both have the same favorite cd — sasha & john digweed’s “northern exposure 2: east coast edition.” that may have something to do with it.. the funny thing is, we were not playing old music last night — instead, we were playing brand new music. there was the odd classic but for the most part we were bang-on with the new music.
safari sarah came up to me at one point and asked why i was playing braeden’s records. hahaha! that’s how similar myself and braeden are when it comes to musical direction. that’s kind of cool, i think.
not sure when we will be playing next together .. i am hoping for early to mid january!
here is the new random radio episode.

foot in mouth prize

Scottish Ale from the Longwood BrewPub in Nanaimo. one of the best beers you can get. the best beer i’ve ever had.
oh yeah, here it is — the foot in mouth prize for donald rumsfeld. people with this much power actually talk this way? it’s true. wow. by the way, my connection at home has gone down the tube for some reason and i can’t really say i know why. i’ll be calling shaw later tonight to find out because the load time is just brutal lately, and surfing from home is painful. boourns.