digital mind control

some updates of cool things that are going on:

  • yoseff is DJing on resonance tomorrow from 3-4 pm on 101.9 FM CFUV. there’s streaming audio on the resonance website so check it out on your radio or on the interweb!
  • hosting the radio show tomorrow means i will not be at the open house between 2:15 – 4:45.
  • i am going to see lord of the rings: return of the king tonight. wooo!
  • matt “the madman” / “poJaZ” schmitz is in town from Toronto! we went for coffee last night at aLzu’s!!!!!!!!!!!!! with Steve “Skettle” / “Iowa” Ireland.
  • coffee tomorrow evening @ 9 pm. location TBA, suggestions welcome!

lots going on!

3 thoughts on “digital mind control”

  1. hows aboot that new italian bakery by the winchester gallery at the end of oak bay may not be open really late though.Hope your open house rocks Davin!

  2. do you mean
    Octavvio Bakery and Italian Stuff?
    yeah thats a super cool building… the art gallery is amazing inside…

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