ahh, the weekend

thank goodness it’s the weekend. i slept for 11 hours last night.. apparently i needed it! i have been sleeping roughly 7-8 hours per night during the week, which is good. adjusting to the workload has been challenging and a bit tiring in all honesty, but i don’t like a job where i am not challenged. does anyone? besides aspiring rock stars..?

donna and maria!
lefty gave me a quick tutorial on vhosting today and i have set up 8 vhosts already. some are simple redirects, like
dj.davin.ws and
mixes.davin.ws and
music.davin.ws which all redirect to

not really a huge deal, but it will be useful stuff to know when i am setting up web server stuff at work. i also set up
photos.davin.ws and
there will be some oddity vhosts (there is already one) in which you’ll find odd content not posted on the blog or in the pictures section. some of it will be for specific events, or just plain weirdness that i don’t think everyone in the world cares to see. or should see 😉

remember this?

the Really Good Music petition
look at all those signatures!

pretty amazing really. resonance is good and the flyers are far better than anything we ever had for RGM, but RGM built up a following over 3 years. it’s only been a few months for resonance and we do have a fully automated website with live tracklistings. tomorrow we have noma on the show to rip it up live for 2 hours. it’s been a while since i have heard him spin.. he was otherwise known as “charles paul” when he spun on RGM. he plays a kind of weird, quirky style of house that is reminiscent of john digweed at 3 a.m.. you know .. the big noises, unexpected turns in music.. really quite fresh. when it comes to getting different music, this guy goes the extra mile for sure.

dave from ground level productions phoned me tonight and confirmed tipper for a set on resonance on friday the 22nd. thank you dave! this is gonna rock.
i am still waiting on the good people at distinctive to hook me up with the New new hybrid album (morning sci-fi) so that i can air that 2nd interview i did with them a few months back when they were in vancouver. plus they mentioned something about sending me a set.. hmm.
fun times in radioland once again!

understand me

it was a deadly day of production torrents and brainstorm typhoons. i met up with kate from CFUV and we chatted about some seriously awesome ideas. needless to say, kate is a rad person with some pretty good ideas. ahhh. this is what i came back to community radio for! i am excited about what we can do over the coming months.

lotus land tonight…

i have never been to the gulf islands for a party-party before. the ferry leaves at around 6 pm to galiano and the next one leaves galiano at around 7 am tomorrow. wooo!
they do not expect any rainfall tonight on Galiano. this is so good. of course, i am bringing my camera.
lotus land is a free party, so if you’re interested and 16+, check the events on ravevictoria.com for more of the details.

if you cannot resist, why do you exist?

myself and nick have just started the classive edition of resonance for 2003 – 2 hours of straight up classic and massive choons for your ears to feast upon. we’re on the air live right now on 101.9 FM if you have a radio in the victoria vicinity.. otherwise our website link above will provide you with a couple different options for listening over the internet or with cable radio.
here’s something cool. want to see what it looks like when galaxies collide?
donna gave me a spyear for christmas! really!
it’s so cool, i can listen in on secret conversations now! muwhahahaha!

i am back

dhs.org went down for a day so i took the opportunity to perform another (suprisingly much needed) server defrag. i have been thinking about registering a dot com, but i’m trying to justify the cost. i have found $8.75/year .com registration but i have no references on the companies that do it for this cheap. can anyone recommend a good and inexpensive registrar company?