this is usually around the time..

This is usually around the time that I get ready to go back to school, historically. Those of you who know me are aware that I graduated from business school / college in June, and as such, I will be taking at least this year off from school to work, save up, and travel. I was going to use the word ‘hopefully’ in there but it is completely inevitable now, seeing as how that is what I want to do and there’s no good reason why I shouldn’t.
It’s been about 11 years since I travelled outside of the Northwest. The furthest I’ve been since then is Oregon about 8 years ago. I really like this area of the world, but I need to see more after all this time of school and work and all the stuff in between.

5 thoughts on “this is usually around the time..”

  1. i’m sure we could arrange for someone to drive you down The Hill (it is a pretty long hike). you may not be able to do much dancing, though. i’m going to be really really sad if you don’t go. i may even put you on friend probation.

  2. well i could drive there by myself. but that is so lame I’d probably turn around half way there out of the sheer lameness of it.

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