mystery solving

davey: what are the three O’s in triple O sauce davin: hmmmm davin: good question davey davin: so far I am O for 3 davin: hey davin: maybe that’s it davin: nobody knows davey: so, failure davin: failure sauce yes davin: strike out graham: orange oregano and olive davey: MMM delicious graham: there are there […]


Lost really has two disparate meanings. Losing things is about the familiar falling away, getting lost is about the unfamiliar appearing. There are objects and people that disappear from your sight or knowledge or possession; you lose a bracelet, a friend, the key. You still know where you are. Everything is familiar except that there […]

social media [change+camp] that matters

I’ve been attending a number of events lately that have loose and strong connections: Social Media CampĀ – a conference for the social media industry Victoria Change Camp – an unconference for social innovation put on by Social Innovators Network & volunteers Welcome to the Board – a workshop on board leadership and governance organized by […]