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AFK – Open Road (Proton Radio 2016 Featured Artist mix)


The above mix image was taken by Jim McKenna, whose photographs inspired me to go to  Hawaii, where I was then inspired to work on this mix. Many of the tracks are from driving around the island of Maui and seeking new sights and experiences. Below is a track listing. I have also made a mix guide – see this to see how the mix is layered track by track. Time stamps are included. The mix guide image was taken on Haleakalā.


  1. Todd Terje – Snooze 4 Love (Ambient version) [Olsen Records]
  2. Charlie May & Barry Jamieson – Homecoming (Coma remix) [Mayhem]
  3. Kassey Voorn – A Stride in the Dark (Petar Dundov remix) [Afterglow]
  4. GMJ – Nothing Is Lost (Michael A remix) [Particles]
  5. Navar – Moments In Life (16 Bit Lolitas remix) [microCastle]
  6. Invisible Inc. – Stars (Guy J remix) [microCastle]
  7. FunkForm – Sequinox (Original mix) [Vapour Recording]
  8. East Cafe – Hurt (GMJ Pain Free Dream remix) [Clinique Recordings]
  9. Mou. – Light Weather (Ewan Rill remix) [Balkan Connection]
  10. Liquid Soul – Global Illumination (Martin Roth remix) [Iboga Records]
  11. Pryda – Origins (Original mix) [Pryda Recordings]
  12. Glenn Morrison & Brian Cid – Innervisions (Original mix) [Extinct Records]
  13. Mariano Mellino & Wally M – Borderline (Deepfunk remix) [Bonzai Progressive]
  14. Sahar Z & Guy Mantzur – Our Foggy Trips (Original mix) [Lost & Found]
  15. Henrik Zuberstein – Morning Struggle (Original mix) [Black Hole Recordings]
  16. Andre Sobota & Jamie K – Polarity (Original mix) [Monster Tunes]
  17. Brian Cid – Oasis (Original mix) [Lost & Found]
  18. Manu Riga – Cimmerian (Van Bellen remix) [Bonzai Progressive]
  19. Beat Maniacs – Triton (Ewan Rill remix) [BC2]
  20. Solarity – Solar (Retroid Dub mix) [Silk Music]
  21. Oliver Lieb – WASP-17b (Cid Inc remix) [Proton Music]
  22. Max Graham – Airtight (Tim Penner remix) [Cycles]
  23. Rodg & RNX – Moonman (Original mix) [Statement!]
  24. Andre Sobota – Triangles (Original mix) [microCastle]
  25. Gregory Esayan – Starman (Original mix) [Silk Music]


AFK – Open Road (Proton Radio 2016 Featured Artist mix) [320k MP3]

AFK – Nightfall

After my last mix (Nothing But You And The Beat) in late 2011, I wasn’t certain that I’d be in much of a rush to do another. And, as it turned out, I wasn’t in a rush. There were no radio shows to guest on, no new stream of productions to feature, nothing to provide urgency. It wasn’t until June of this year that I had even given it much serious thought – that’s when I heard Blunt Force Trauma and realized there may be some more music worth mixing and sharing. In August, I actually got the motivation to do something new. That month, there was a spectacular meteor shower that I watched out at Witty’s Lagoon (Tower Park) until 4 AM – far from the city lights and on a weekend, so far from alarm clocks as well. That weekend I got the inspiration to actually put something new and spacey together. You’ll hear some Isaac Asimov references in here as well – that is meant to complement some of the big wide open sounds you hear in the music. That’s it for now. Enjoy!


  1. Mono Electric Orchestra – Blunt Force Trauma [Manual Music]
  2. Micah – Matter & Light [Proton Music]
  3. Luke Chable & Danny Bonnici – Blue Skies & Butterflies [Mesmeric Records]
  4. Pryda – Alfon [Pryda Recordings]
  5. Dousk – Estrange (Kasey Taylor remix) [Vapour Recordings]
  6. U.N.K.L.E. – Heaven (Charlie May remix) [Surrender All / Essential]
  7. Robert Nickson Pres RNX – Suffer [Encolourized]
  8. John Digweed & Nick Muir – Raise [Bedrock Records]
  9. 16 Bit Lolitas – The Rise [ARVA]
  10. Kobana & Yane3Dots – BN2 1TW (Faskil Remix) [Spring Tube]
  11. Deepfunk – Tulips Grow In Space (Cid Inc.) [Replug]
  12. Fehrplay – Incognito [Pryda Friends]
Download: AFK – Nightfall (mp3)

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