AFK – Nightfall

After my last mix (Nothing But You And The Beat) in late 2011, I wasn’t certain that I’d be in much of a rush to do another. And, as it turned out, I wasn’t in a rush. There were no radio shows to guest on, no new stream of productions to feature, nothing to provide urgency. It wasn’t until June of this year that I had even given it much serious thought – that’s when I heard Blunt Force Trauma and realized there may be some more music worth mixing and sharing. In August, I actually got the motivation to do something new. That month, there was a spectacular meteor shower that I watched out at Witty’s Lagoon (Tower Park) until 4 AM – far from the city lights and on a weekend, so far from alarm clocks as well. That weekend I got the inspiration to actually put something new and spacey together. You’ll hear some Isaac Asimov references in here as well – that is meant to complement some of the big wide open sounds you hear in the music. That’s it for now. Enjoy!


  1. Mono Electric Orchestra – Blunt Force Trauma [Manual Music]
  2. Micah – Matter & Light [Proton Music]
  3. Luke Chable & Danny Bonnici – Blue Skies & Butterflies [Mesmeric Records]
  4. Pryda – Alfon [Pryda Recordings]
  5. Dousk – Estrange (Kasey Taylor remix) [Vapour Recordings]
  6. U.N.K.L.E. – Heaven (Charlie May remix) [Surrender All / Essential]
  7. Robert Nickson Pres RNX – Suffer [Encolourized]
  8. John Digweed & Nick Muir – Raise [Bedrock Records]
  9. 16 Bit Lolitas – The Rise [ARVA]
  10. Kobana & Yane3Dots – BN2 1TW (Faskil Remix) [Spring Tube]
  11. Deepfunk – Tulips Grow In Space (Cid Inc.) [Replug]
  12. Fehrplay – Incognito [Pryda Friends]
Download: AFK – Nightfall (mp3)

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Factground: TEDxVictoria 2012

While serving as Director of Marketing for TEDxVictoria, I’ve been asked to explain what TEDxVictoria is several times. This is good – it makes me think and re-think of how to explain this thing I’ve gotten passionate enough about to volunteer my time for. Also, I am in the position of setting up and coordinating the TEDxVictoria outreach team, who will be fielding questions on TEDxVictoria: Momentum. So there is that, too.

I would normally be doing this in a Google Doc that’s shared with the rest of the TEDxVictoria management team. However, because I feel like having some fun and I don’t mind doing things for the public while in public, it’s going to live here instead. I’ll field any questions about anything that is unclear.

Here are the facts on this year’s TEDxVictoria event with some background. Call this a factground, if you will:

  1. TEDxVictoria is a TEDx license, x = independently organized TED event, where subject matter experts gather to do 10-20~ minute talks broadly based within a theme.
  2. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design.
  3. The theme for TEDxVictoria 2012 is Momentum.
  4. TEDxVictoria is happening on November 17 at the Victoria Conference Centre from 10 AM – 6 PM.
  5. TEDxVictoria is hosted by Dave Morris.
  6. Speakers at TEDxVictoria: Momentum are:
    • Alan Cassels
    • Calvin Sandborn
    • Carolyn Herriot
    • Christopher Bowers
    • Darcy Turenne
    • David Eaves
    • Donna Morton
    • Genevieve Von Petzinger
    • Jaigris Hodson
    • Jamie Kemp
    • Reid Gower
    • Wes Borg
  7. Artists and performers include
    • Charles Campbell
    • DJ Murge
    • Gautham Krishnaraj
    • Impulse Theatre
    • Limbic Media
    • Monkey C Interactive
    • Wil
  8. Read more (including bios) about the above lineup on
  9. Tickets for TEDxVictoria are available online ($75) or physically through Russell Books on Fort Street ($77 – these ones are cash only.) Of the 400 seats in the conference centre auditorium, there are not a lot left. If you are thinking about getting one, stop thinking and act.
  10. Earlybird tickets (discounted at $50 for those who are quick on the draw) are sold out.
  11. Contributor tickets (at $100, these tickets are for those who wish to support the event and make it a little nicer) are sold out.
  12. Follow TEDxVictoria on Twitter: @TEDxVictoria – this is a pretty good way to stay connected with us as well as the ideas that we come across which we find worth sharing. You can ask us questions through this account as well.
  13. Join us on the TEDxVictoria Facebook page for continual updates throughout the year and to connect with the TEDxVictoria community in general. There are a lot of thought leaders in Victoria.
  14. There is also a specific TEDxVictoria: Momentum event page. Make sure to mark yourself as attending to get November 17th event-specific updates for attendees.
  15. If you’ve bought a ticket online with your email address, you will receive an email explaining how to get some free coffee from 2% Jazz care of the great folks at Kiind. If you supply your email address while picking up a physical ticket from Russell Books, you are also eligible for this, but it will take a little longer to get the offer via email since we have to actually go and collect that list from the store.
  16. We are doing something awesome with the Quiz Night at the Fort Street Cafe. If you are even a tiny bit of a brainiac, you should be aware of their Friday evening tradition, Quiz Night. It’s astonishingly good times. Go!
  17. TEDxVictoria is a non-profit is run by a non-profit organization of volunteers. Our values are ideas, community, action. Momentum fits nicely on the end of that list. Read more about us on the TEDxVictoria website.

Am I missing anything you’d like to know? Ask, and I’ll add the answer.