come to me

“come to me” a new choon by (sir) james “texas” holden .. really awesome. i am addicted to it. it’s really quirky and weird and not too unlike his unreleased britney spears remixes. for real.
busy next two weeks: finishing (phase 1), interview with CBC for VEMF, TV show proposal, NewVI’s morning show next week for VEMF, VEMF itself, workshop coordination galore, finishing off tunes, getting a PFR banner done, working full time, and friends in from Toronto .. ironically the two i was going to visit this summer happen to be in victoria at the moment. how cool is that? uhhh huh!
for that TV show proposal i fleshed most of it out last night on paper while watching hotel rwanda. that movie is powerful. i was so sad last night after watching it and it made me question everything around me and whether or not i am actually helping people. well i am. but it’s so intangible in comparison to what i saw in that movie. it feels so sheltered here. i feel selfish being in this world as i am.
i am getting stuff done and moving forward in davinland.
so much. all at once.

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  1. the above girl is pretty, yes. absolootely.
    but arranged weddings to trees are pretty too.
    /see? davin ain’t the only one who can windtalk.

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