new adventure

i am doing this update while i take a bus i have never taken before.. the #250! it goes from where i work (park royal) to town, where i am going to transfer to the skytrain, take it to main street, transfer to the #3 and arrive at broadway and main. i’ll walk a block east and meet kristen and ben at JIRO, a sushi joint that does all-you-can eat which is good, because i be one honnngree man.
we’re just about to cross the lions gate b ridge. this is one of the worst merges (consistently) that i have ever seen in my whole life. luckily the bus gets to go ahead of at least a kilometre of merging and so the whole deal is rather brief indeed compared to if we were not a bus. but we are a bus, so it is much faster. i can’t believe how narrow this bridge is, the lions gate bridge. they recently redid the bolts.. not sure why they didn’t just tear the thing down or rebuild it or something. it only has 3 lanes. that is pathetic. the second narrows bridge has 6 lanes. thats’ way more appropriate.
i guess they would have to tear up part of stanley park to make it 6 lanes. hmmm.
so the shaw guy arrived this morning on time (how about that?!) and hooked me up. so now i am all ready to go with a high-speed connection at home. this long weekend i will be in victoria to pick up my computer/server/musicmakingmachine/picture collector/etc and some other things too, like that box of clothes that i forgot. that had a lot of my clean clothes, and the clothes i wear frequently. and my shoes.
i talked to my friend matt(bass) last night for 2 hours. he is an amazingly cool guy, and a great friend to boot. and talented, a mega talented bass player. we are plotting on making music together — he’ll send me 2 or 4 bar cuts of him playing the bass at a certain bpm and i can filter and use them and tweak them in my own music. very cool. kind of like what anand does already on his own. speaking of, me and anand helped soren do a faux-news clip for soren’s voice-over portfolio. we taught him the correct news-intonation and then made a custom “news track” for him to speak over. the track took 10 minutes of me and anand pointing at the screen and reprogramming arpegiation and lining up some great triplets of strings in a chord over top of military style snare drums. then we threw his voice in with it, applied some radio-esque fades, and some radio-esque compression. voila! like buttah. that was fun.
this has been a fun bus ride (10 mins) but i gotta go. there is no one on the bus so that’s the only reason i am doing this right now. a very smooth and quiet ride!

settling in – north vancouver

once more i move for work.. for BC Hydro is was in Nanaimo, and now for CopperMoon it is in Vancouver. things are slightly hazier over here with the smog that has accumulated the last few days. it is really visible from my appartment which overlooks the burrard inlet, downtown vancouver, and more. last night i watched 747’s take off through the haze while the sun set over a glimmering city. it was surreal. as i set up my turntables and stereo on my new desks and tables, i got a real strange sort of feeling – some excitement as i get further and further settled in.
if only i didn’t forget that box in victoria – you know, the box full of all the clothes i regularly wear. damnit.
which leads me to the purposes of this visit. 1) it’s my mom’s birthday next week. yay! 2) i am picking up my computer now that i am almost set up. that means the server ( will be down for a bit while i move and then point the DNS at the new IP (once I have gotten it). i hope it is that simple.
speaking of which, on my epic ikea trip on saturday, i picked up an office chair and a coffee table which i need to put together. my mom helped me out on the weekend with shopping and setting up, and my oldest brother anand helped put the bed and the cabinets and tables together. not a small order of business. we started at 6 pm and went til 3 am on saturday night, putting this stuff together. it was like working on lego with the instructions, but with bigger penalties for being creative. in fact, there are no big penalties in lego for deviating from the plan, other than lack of parts to finish the thing you see on the box cover. this is no different. if you use a spacehelmet or a woodroe in the wrong place, you wont have enough to finish what was on the ‘cover of the box’ and pieces will likely get in the way. bad!
i am jonesing for a game of tennis.
i am going to a vancouver bloggers meetup on the 14th. it’ll be nice to meet some new folks .. i figure i know a few van bloggers already, and some i have only spoken to online.. so it will be neat. reminds me of STS’ing. except we all have really big slash-m-e’s now.. baha. and that’s an STS joke. so if you don’t get it, then that’s great. you weren’t an übernerd in the early 90’s. that’s okay! i am not judging. are you?
listening to: LSG – my time is yours.
i have a new vancouver phone number which you can find on my MSN nickname. if you don’t have my MSN.. it is