hush hush

what an awesome night at hush. braeden played an inspired set, and everyone could tell. at the peak of the night, braeden dropped my newest production, one that i made in one sitting, a track dedicated to brent carmichael named “carmichael.” have a look at this 30 second video of the end of the breakdown of the tune dedicated to brent. tomorrow night.. or later today.. i am spinning with Hybrid. what an honour indeed. to quote the specmeister, see you on the dancefloor. doors open at 9 PM!

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  1. Hey Davin,
    Great new track… and I’m happy to have had the chance to hear on the “ACSS” (Awesome Cab Sound System) with you last night outside the club 🙂

  2. Hope the gig with Hybrid went well Davin….
    Must be a dream gig for you.
    Liked the hybrid special you did on resonance, you’re the only person I know with more of their records than I’ve got. Some real classics in there!

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