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  1. yeah, I saw that just recently I’m hoping blogger asks if I want one sometime soon:) mmmm 1000 megs of space… not to mention the nice search features and that I could get rid of my damn hotmail account, or at least finally fully relegate it to my spam account.

  2. i heard something about targeted advertising through gMail, essentially, it keeps track of things you search for and mail about, and it send you advertising accordingly.
    don’t know really, this is just what i heard. probably a rumor.
    also, if graham runs out and anyone is still looking, search for “google” on ebay and you get thousands of invite offers, many for a buck or two

  3. Alison: It’s not a rumor, but its not nearly as bad as everyone assumes it is.
    Any email provider can read your email. No email is private, unless you use encryption. Google is simply scanning your email for keywords and displaying text ads on the side of the screen. They are not saving this information anywhere, and no one has access to it other than (presumably) their technical people.
    I’m as much of a privacy nut as the next gal, but I really don’t see what the fuss is about this.

  4. thanx devon, i figured it was something like that, i’m a huge supporter of google and anything it wants to do, so i’m glad to hear it’s not targeted spaming.
    and hey, if there are going to be ads in the side bar, i’d prefer it was for things i was interested in.

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