Eagles and Ducks

This duck was left out in the surf after a series of vicious but ultimately failed attacks by an eagle. Ken (pictured here) spotted the duck under water, lifted him up onto his board, and surfed him back to the shore and safety.


Photo taken at Cox Bay, Tofino area.

Bringing it in


I’m quite comfortable making mixes myself, choosing all the songs, collecting it all, arranging and ordering, building and bridging, painting on silence, and stringing together ideas made of music.

Now I want to try something a bit different for me. I want to include you in the process of my next mix. So, tell me what your favorite electronica track is, and why, and I’ll put it in my next mix. To be fair, I will need to limit it to one track per commenter.. but that’s the only rule at this point. Please go ahead and share in this format: Artist – Track Name.

Looking forward to hearing what your favs are!