waterslides here i come

I haven’t been to the all-fun waterslides in some time.. in fact, I was probably in a different age range price bracket the last time I went.
Tonight is Debauch 2.. something I have very much been looking forward to since last year’s event. It’ll be a trance outdoor party somewhere near duncan / lake cowichan. The weather looks like it’s going to be great (knocks on wood) and I cant wait! Here’s the info:
Saturday August 17, 2002

ariz0na RGM / Etheric Link / Conkrete :: Victoria
DJ Bedlam RGM / Etheric Link / Conkrete :: Victoria
Braeden Noble House / Etheric Link / Conkrete :: Victoria
Spy Guy RGM / Full Logik :: Victoria
Danny K Ra :: Victoria
Wrinkles GHP / Our House :: Victoria
Info:     250.472.3091 (day-of only)
Tickets: By “folding” donation at the venue
Venue: Outdoors, 45 mins from Victoria
Promoter: Our House Productions
Extra Info: Debauch 1 was an incredible invite only party last year! This year we decided to open it up to everyone. Tents welcome, of course, but please no fires. Come celebrate a night of progressive and breaks with us, under the stars.
[Note: this event is 16+]

not so blue

Today was one of Those Days. You know, the days where you’re unable to figure out why you feel so incredibly lethargic.. and it makes you feel more lethargic. Ugh!
So anyways. Myself and Jim wandered slowly around town, taking our time and dragging our feet. Eating nachos at Smitty’s probably didn’t help. It was one of those days that would have been far better served at Durrance Lake.
I was in pajamas by midnight last night. So I should’ve gotten some good sleep, in theory.. but I didn’t. I stayed up until 3 not really doing anything. What the hell is that all about?! 3 hours EVAPORATED on me. WTF. I bet this doesn’t happen to anyone else.. roffle. 🙂
My head is a bit of a jumble today so I’m going to leave it at that. The words just are not coming to me to describe the way I’m feeling.

Nepalese Bliss

Today is the day that myself, jim and ria go to the Sooke Potholes. Take my word for it, the ‘Potholes’ themselves are a lot prettier than the Sooke Potholes website. It’s supposed to be the hottest day of the year for Victoria (how do They predict These Things?) and I’ll be damned if I’m anywhere else but the Potholes for it.

this morning

This morning Krishen leaves for Florida once again, and Ria arrives back from a 1 year visit to Toronto. Also, I move across the hood, as I’ll be done house sitting this morning. A week and a few days sure does go by quickly when you have a house to yourself. Fed the cats, cleaned up.. and no, I didn’t get my hair cut. 😛

what a gorgeous day!

I got up early today. For davin, early on a Sunday means before noon — specifically, 9 a.m. I went for breakfast with Krishen, Mavis, Craig and Erica. Afterwards, we wandered around downtown for a while and Craig participated in mockery of tourists, which means he really lives in Victoria — in case there was any doubt.
I left town and went to go meet up with devon at Mayfair Mall. I ran into Jordy on the way in .. an old friend from the STS days. He looks a lot different, that much is for certain. Certainly 8 years and puberty will make a difference. A haircut and ditching of glasses. Yep, looks completely different.
So devon’s boyfriend Jeremy brought his digital camera with him. This means I will have pictures to link to later to tell the story.. but for now I will excite you with words! haha.
Afterwards we took the scenic drive to Gyro Park and climbed on the concrete beasts. These pictures are going to be hilarious, I am certain of that. 🙂
Then we went up Mt. Doug and took in the view. Just beautiful. Have I mentioned gorgeous? Anyways I took devon and Jeremy to the ferry where I saw the biggest ferry lineup ever. I think it went a good kilometer back at least past the overpass before the ticket buying booths. And the walk-on lineup was gone past the ends of the bus stops outside of the departures building, and around the corner. woah.
Tonight I’m going swimming with Krishen at Oak Bay Rec Center. That is it for now!

dj bbq

dj bbq .. not bbq’d dj’s, we wouldn’t taste very good. instead, a bbq where we get our hands messy with food, and then downright dirty with vinyl. the host is the gracious spyguy who has hosted other such gatherings in the past and which have been quite enjoyable. if we decide to shoutcast, i will post the url on here.
i am bringing the salsa for the chips and the spice for the sound system.

cloud cuckoo

as promised.. here is my dream from this eve passed.
so, last night, i continued with my dreaming. this time it had one of my other brother’s in it, Anand. he is my oldest brother, and weirdest by far. well that is, if you don’t count me.
i dreamt we were driving in the Green Machine (our family van, a 1978 Ford Econoline 150.. horrendous on gas) and we were in a big city. for some reason, we came to a large intersection where we got out of the van because walking would be faster. we crossed the road, and then the light finally turned green for the lane that the van was in. there was a large cement truck behind the van that had a very impatient driver. the driver of the truck decided to push the van forwad himself. the van must have been in neutral for some reason, and it accelerated fairly easily. we watched it speed pass us as the big cement truck turned off onto another road. the van went hurtling down this major road that we were standing in the middle of. it got to another intersection and crashed violently with some other vehicles. we didn’t know what to do. the van had crashed into a few cars etc, and then deflected off of those to drive into the side of a store. we ran up — there was plenty of glass everywhere. i recall in the dream that my parents did not have insurance on the van that particular day for some reason. this made things more difficult.
so what we did was we got in the van, backed it out of the store, and drove home some how.
later, we got into an interogation room where some of the car owners and the store owner’s lawyers were trying to make a criminal case against my brother Anand. they brought in his friend Cara who said all sorts of nasty stuff about him and they tried to get me to agree with them. but i wouldn’t. by the end of the interogation, i had them convinced that i was some sort of legal authority. i am not certain how i did this, but it had to do with the way i was talking – i remember that.
it ended there.

diversity is my university