Primal Leadership

Leadership is a topic I gravitated towards in my business degree years ago. I stocked up on leadership electives and applied the concepts broadly in all of my other courses as much as possible, since one of the roots of business is leadership in essence. Whether you’re building a new company, changing the course of […]

My letter to the publisher of the Nanaimo Daily News

Dear Hugh, I started off by sending your parent network a letter to let them know what has been published in your paper, specifically the article titled “Educate First Nations to be Modern Citizens.” While I am not surprised by the overtly racist opinions that still exist in Canada, I am deeply offended by the […]

LinkedIn is replacing my status updates with different content

In what I can only assume is some bizarre mistake by LinkedIn, some of my status updates on LinkedIn that contain links to this blog are being replaced by what appear to be advertisements in the main news feed – yet appear normal to me on my own profile. Below are screen shots. How one […]