A brief update

A lot has changed. Again. Lets see: At the end of August I left Smallbox Software after 4+ years. Great people, great experience, time well spent. In September, I started full time courses to finish off a BBA in Marketing Communications Management. I am challenging one course, doing 3 courses at Camosun College, and one […]

traveling to trinidad

YVR – Vancouver International Airport Mom in YVR Dad in YVR Krishen in POS (Port of Spain) POS – Port of Spain International Airport victoria, vancouver, houston, port of spain. some notes: travel time: 20 hours “random” searches: 1 (houston) compliments on penguin + polar bear shirt: 1 (from the random search officer in houston) […]

Interior Loop

Lancer. Thank you Hilary! Ducks! A bridge Northeast of Whistler James and Jennifer So check it out, myself and DaveyB went on a little bit of a road trip: Victoria to Whistler (via Nanaimo – Departure Bay to Horseshoe Bay – North of Vancouver) Whistler to Kamloops (via Lillooet) Kamloops to Kelowna Kelowna to Victoria […]

Design Currency: Defining the Value of Design

This past week was Design Currency: Defining the Value of Design, an installment of Icograda’s world-wide Design Week series. This was a multidisciplinary design conference – there were speakers that had backgrounds in business, education, marketing, advertising, industrial design, journalism, city planning, consulting, strategy, and much more. I’ve written a number of posts on defining […]