so long, old friends

I haven’t used my Technics 1200 MKIIIs in quite a while. Not more than a handful of times since I moved back to Victoria. A few factors have been involved: Shopping for vinyl had gotten expensive long ago Shopping for vinyl I liked had become impossible except online Living in a wooden framed building meant […]

alzu’s on bay

As the Times Colonist duly noted, Alzu’s has closed it’s doors for good. For better or worse, I knew what Alzu’s was. It was a 24 hour restaurant on Bay Street. Lets get one thing out of the way to begin with: Alzu’s was not fine dining. Are we good with that? Let’s proceed. Victoria’s […]

Notes on updating

Steps to update with a photo: Take photo with dSLR Go home Download photo to computer, catalogue Select photo to post in Photoshop, do stuff to photo Resize photo, export Upload to Moveable Type Create entry and categorize Save, Publish, Rebuild Steps to update flickr, tumblr or facebook with a photo: Go to (flickr, […]