weird. i don’t feel like being murdered today

cheeky_: there is a weird man drywalling in my bathroom ariz0na: lexi: Do you mean a “weirdman” or a “weird man”? cheeky_: weird man ariz0na: Oh. ariz0na: Weird. Mykee: wats the difference ariz0na: Mykee: weirdmen are weirder than weird men Mykee: how so? ariz0na: they’re lacking a space in their name .. which is kind […]

RGM Flashback

A while ago Chrissie lent me a bunch of her tapes that she had made of the RGM show. As I slowly go through them, I’m coming across tonnes of great music, great mixing, moments of clearness on the air, and moments of silliness. I will, in all likelyhood, be posting these clips on the […]

american idol?

okay, so I read something on devon’s website in regards to “american idol.” I know that it’s a TV show, and I know tonnes of people are watching it. However, I’m not. I also didn’t watch survivor. Now they’ve got some wank named Jeremy from Survivor doing commercials for Subway. And I’m like “Jeremy WHO?” […]


So last night at the last minute I checked my email and I had an email from julie! She phoned trudy and then leslie came to pick me up to go to The Party! Wooohoo! It was a great night actually. Yesterday it was cold and windy in Victoria .. but last night at The […]

whut the?

Lately I’ve been posting pictures instead of writing .. I’m getting lazy! Luckily (or unluckily if you’re someone else) I’ve noticed what I have been doing, and have decided to just write for at least this entry. Tonight I’m going to go swimming at Oak Bay Rec with Craig. I like Oak Bay Recreation Center. […]