“Is it more important in life to get what we want, or to like what we get? Many people work very hard to achieve their aims, and then find them a disappointment.

Might it be better to relax, and just welcome anything that floats our way? Best of all, perhaps, we could learn to like what we cannot avoid, and strive only for what we can attain.

But, how do we know what we can attain without trying?”

– John Cleese

mystery solving

davey: what are the three O’s in triple O sauce
davin: hmmmm
davin: good question davey
davin: so far I am O for 3
davin: hey
davin: maybe that’s it
davin: nobody knows
davey: so, failure
davin: failure sauce yes
davin: strike out
graham: orange oregano and olive
davey: MMM delicious
graham: there are there o’s in “nobody knows”
davey: i was thinking mayO, mayO and mayO