burns monument, beacon hill park


Tonight I went out around midnight with my dSLR and a tripod and found a patch of snow around the Burns Monument in Beacon Hill Park. The last time I shot this statue was 5 years and 9 days ago. Back then I just called the monument “Drooling lion.” In those days, the internets was smaller and had less old stuff on it. Also, my interest level was lower than it is now, for whatever reason I don’t know.

Here’s some background on the monument for anyone who is curious:

On November 10, 1900, the Burns Monument was unveiled. The subscribers of the “monument erected to the memory of Robert Burns” presented a Resolution dated November 9, 1900, transferring the monument to the City. The Resolution stipulated that the City must “forever maintain and keep the same as a Monument and Fountain for the benefit of inhabitants of Victoria.” Mayor Hayward acknowledged the gift and read out the conditions. He said, however, that “municipal law forbade anticipating the future or placing burdens on those coming after us.” He assured the group that “authorities would always be pleased to preserve this loving tribute…” (Colonist, November 11, 1900) – Source: beaconhillparkhistory.org

In the photo you’ll see I did some effects in the actual shot itself. That is me painting in 3 dimensions with a bright LED while the 25 second exposure finished. You can’t see me because I was dressed in black, and you don’t see the absence of light in a long time exposure, especially in the presence of captured light.

victoria’s time to vote

Today (after I sleep) will be the day that Victoria decides on a new city councilor, as well as the fate of the Johnson Street Bridge.
The bridge issue has been argued about a significant amount locally. It’s actually pretty entertaining and we have almost enough material for our own version of Almost Live. (Remember that?) Not quite, though.
Here are some basic facts:

  • Federal funding for a replacement bridge has been applied for
  • Federal funding for maintenance on the existing bridge can also be applied for by the city
  • A new bridge costs more than maintaining the existing bridge, ceteris paribus
  • I like new things
  • I like old things

The notion about how unfortunate it would be to squander applied-for financing is illogical, since the financing was for a decision that was not properly made – hence the referendum now. In the future, perhaps our city will learn to apply for things in a logical order, lest they get their application time snagged in their own fallacy of sunk costs. Not tenable.
Cart before the horse – but would Victoria have it any other way? Go vote and decide!

in need of an exorcism?

As seen in Vancouver at Davie and Denman in late August.
I would have used red instead of blue for “You may be possessed!” – would get the fear and impatience going a bit faster.
I should note that I came across a similar flyer in Trinidad, except it was a guru there. I’m sure there are big differences, but their promise statements were essentially the same. However, this appears to be a little bit of attempted viral marketing for a movie or something to that effect. The one in Trinidad appeared “legit.” Whatever the attempt was, I did not go see the movie and I didn’t post this until .. now, so – you know, consider that.

Notes on updating

Steps to update davingreenwell.com with a photo:

  1. Take photo with dSLR
  2. Go home
  3. Download photo to computer, catalogue
  4. Select photo to post in Photoshop, do stuff to photo
  5. Resize photo, export
  6. Upload to Moveable Type
  7. Create entry and categorize
  8. Save, Publish, Rebuild

Steps to update flickr, tumblr or facebook with a photo:

  1. Go to (flickr, tumblr or facebook) app
  2. Choose photo to upload from common image library OR take photo inside the app
  3. Press upload, and the application will resize it to the proper size at the same time.

Besides just being a shorter list, the second list does not include item #2 from the first list. As you can imagine, my desire to go home to update a website about being out is not very high. And so, mobile applications for content management gain relevance.
Of particular note: Why not just update davingreenwell.com through Movable Type’s mobile web interface? Answer: There’s no image upload field in the iPhone version of Safari, so Six Apart could not build that in. However, there is nothing stopping Six Apart from making an iPhone app. Apps seem to have no problem with resizing and sending photos away for publishing.
Trend significance: As updating websites via content management systems has become an integral part of communications, a natively mobile application to do so will make the most out of hardware and interface, resulting in websites and portals of information that are more readily used by those with a stake in activity. In this regard, WordPress’ iOS app has excelled far beyond Movable Type’s web app in mobile relevance.
So what does all this mean?
If I want to continue to update my website and divorce myself from the relatively ancient desktop way of doing things, I have to move from Movable Type to WordPress, or abandon photos. Is there another solution?

A brief update

A lot has changed.
Lets see:

  • At the end of August I left Smallbox Software after 4+ years. Great people, great experience, time well spent.
  • In September, I started full time courses to finish off a BBA in Marketing Communications Management. I am challenging one course, doing 3 courses at Camosun College, and one at the University of Athabasca. Mostly it is International Business. I quite like it.
  • I’m planning on moving and gaining some experience working abroad. I want more diversity in my resume and why not gain it from some new (to me) part of the world? No reason not to. Every reason to do so. I’m doing it.
  • I just finished producing a new Jets Overhead remix. Anand did *3* remixes for them. I just had time to do 1. But I’m very happy with it and I’m pumped to get it mastered. Mastering makes a massive difference in dance music. I don’t think it’s very easy to understand unless you do some side-by-side comparisons and then try mixing them live. The difference blows me away.
  • Next on the remix schedule is DB Clifford – one of his new tracks off his yet-to-be-released new album Feet Above The Ground. Great album, I’m really excited to get my hands on the studio parts.

That is it for now. Thought I’d make the blog about something other than Trinidad photos – which are great – but also a lot of work. As a side note, next time I go there, I want to make it to Tobago. I wonder if I can sail there?