one fifty

After VEMF I didn’t have too much an appetite to talk about BC 150, but it did indeed happen, and so I went to check it out. Over 100,000 people also did, as it turns out, and they were there for the big show featuring Burton Cummings, Fiest, Colin James and Sarah McLachlan.
Sarah McLachlan was too quiet, Fiest was on too late, and they put some dude between those two that no one had ever heard of, so that was a bit of a disappointment. Great chance for that kid, but not really appropriate at all in my opinion. Save it for any stage but that one.
The event itself was a lot of fun and I quite enjoy when public space is used for large events like this. I would go to the next one – should I still be hanging around Victoria in 150 years.

departure from wedding season

This photo is from last weekend – i went to Seattle to see Dustin (H) and Misty (K) get married on the Saturday night. Then I was back in Victoria for breakfast on Sunday morning. All hail the 7:30 AM Clipper.
After that, it was Vancouver on Wednesday for Kristen and Wren’s wedding, and then back in Victoria last night for Jen and Eric’s wedding. All weddings were very enjoyable and by last night we were completely exhausted – in a good way.
I have too many photos to post – a classic blog problem.
In other tech notes, i am enjoying my new Macbook + iPod touch, and I’ve been loading both with the bare minimum so that i can continue to enjoy the performance of each. No bloatware allowed! Possible exceptions will be made for Adobe, but Microsoft will have to wait at the door.

good things come in threes

It’s fair to say that since summer has finally shown up, I’ve been given a chance to enjoy it and that I am. After work today, I went and met up with Craig and his parents at the Ogden Pt. Cafe. Craig does still live in Calgary with Erica, but he came to visit his parents who have moved out to the island after having just retired. We have some great conversations about program planning, regulated information accessibility and infrastructure and even a bit about cameras and design over dinner and a walk at the breakwater. Here the cruise ships provide a nice blurred backdrop as the three come up with a word that rhymes with “cheese!”

victoria electronic music festival 2008

Victoria Electronic Music Festival 2008
Some thoughts on VEMF 2008:

  • VEMF 2008 was in Centennial Square. Our speakers were pointed directly at City Hall this year – their idea.
  • Best out of town talent: Charles Feelgood and Jay Hamilton.
  • I was told that my voice sounds very different when I am MCing – makes sense, though I have never listened to myself MC
  • My official role this year was Creative Director, though most of my time was spent on managing the website, coordinating with management and being Master of Ceremonies on day-of, and much less was spent on Creative Direction – which is really more of a “planning” role than a “doing” role.
  • This years feature colour was blue – a cyan type of blue at that, or shall I say a blue type of cyan?
  • Our shirt colours did not arrive as intended – we had planned different colours, but due to timing, our selection of available colours was narrow.
  • We were broadcast live on CFUV 101.9 FM on Sunday from 5-10 PM – if anyone has a recording of this, I’d love to get my hands on it.
  • I played Sunday night at the Sunset Room. I love playing in that room. I had originally planned on playing some progressive-electro-tech, but the festival had more than enough electro so I removed that from the equation and differentiated the set by making it purely progressive. Felt great to feature it as different – usually I am differentiating my progressive sets by making them a bit dirtier (via compression and texturing via distortion, or switching percussional styles) but going prettier did the job this time.
  • Music was good, but I felt overall that the genres represented were not well rounded enough to adequately represent the scene outside of clubs. This is not any one artists’ fault, rather it is the domain of bookings.
  • Working with new management this year was both challenging and rewarding.
  • Snap – Rhythm is a Dancer was played twice at VEMF – once by Charles Feelgood, and once by Fractal and Matt What.
  • We had two night clubs for each night: Sugar and Hush. Hush was, predictably, ram packed full. Sugar also had good attendance on the Saturday night that we made it to.
  • We had two after-hours venues for each night: Jellyfish Lounge and the Sunset Room – I was never able to make it to Jellyfish. If you went, I’d like to hear what you thought of it.
  • As usual, the commitment and contribution from staff, artists and volunteers was outstanding.

See below for sixty more photos!

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vemf 2008 is upon us

No shortage of effort on this one, VEMF 2008 is this Saturday and Sunday in Centennial Square. If you want to find me, it will be pretty easy, as I am the MC for this event both days in addition to my planning role as Creative Director. Lots of lessons this year, some fresh faces to work with and I am looking forward to see the event in action.
I will be DJing at the Sunset Room as part of the festival on Sunday at 11 pm.