hornby house of huts

I found this neat place on Hornby Island during Labour Day weekend last year. It occurred to me just a moment ago that we had gone last year and I had not posted many photos. Part of the reason was that I didn’t take very many photos because we were there only briefly, and it was raining hard the whole time we were there. Our original plans for camping were ditched in favour of a B&B – we got in due to a last minute cancellation because of the monsoon-like rain.
So this year we will be going on Saturday until Tuesday for the semi-long weekend. I say semi because we took time off work on the non-holiday to extend the weekend until Tuesday, which is a stat holiday for Canada day.
Some things:

  • You can now search this site – look in the upper right and you’ll see a Search Box
  • I am working with Justin (Formulate) on a special 2 hour mix for Pacific Front Sessions – it’s the show’s 3rd year anniversary
  • Our guest on Pacific Front Sessions for July will be Fractal from Tide Pool
  • Snapshot is in the works – I just spoke to Jason at Sunset Collaborations and it looks like late July will be the date
  • We’re overdue for a photogroffee
  • Bergamot Studios (the business) is rolling along nicely with business set up – we have a logo, an invoice, and the rest of the print collateral is to follow along with a spiffy new website in the fall
  • Bergamot (the song) is stubbornly resisting the finishing touches, but my remix of the collaborative track with Formulate and Dustin H is done – only one more to go!
  • Death to Sexy sent new parts for the remix that I will be doing of them – I’ll be sending them Bergamot for a remix treatment from them as well
  • You can now follow me on whoisi.com – an interesting contact-based multi-feed aggregator
  • I am still not on twitter – this post alone probably would have been at least 15 twitter micro-blogs
  • I am registered for two classes at Camosun this fall – these classes will be counting towards my BBA
  • I installed wordpress on anandgreenwell.com and neilgreenwell.com last night – it took about 10 minutes to do through Godaddy’s admin interface – much easier installation than Moveable Type
  • I still love Movable Type but I really enjoy looking at different online publishing tools and seeing what works well and what could stand to be improved


ignore for a moment, that there is a man in the upper right quadrant of this photo. and then consider the notion:
every working person in the world is in this photo, and all the money in the world is also in this photo.
where are they? where is it?
with the chains, the hydraulics, the supports and most of all, the infrastructure to hold it all up is the role of working people in this world. the money flows over top, over all the work we do to support it, and rides smoothly to where-ever its true destination is. without it, of course there would be no need for the ramp. so in a sense it justifies those below it. sometimes a bit falls through the grates. mostly, though, the relationship between working people and money is pretty clear.
this isn’t based on anything. it’s not scientific, or researched, or pointed at anyone or any group – it’s just a feeling of living and working in an expensive part of the country, in a model of society that does not financially favour the young. if you’ve already got money – great news – you can get more. if you don’t have money, please punch in – you’ve missed the boat.

AFK – Pacific Front Sessions: May 2008

Pacific Front Sessions for May 2008 is a special 2 hour mix, my second 2 hour mix of the year. Seriously I am not running out of good music either, so this is a very encouraging time to be in the industry. My hats off to all the producers in this mix – there is some new, and some old, but I think you’ll agree that it all goes together regardless of age. Of particular note here is a track that myself, Formulate, and Dustin H wrote. We don’t have a name for it yet – there are a few names on the table right now – but if you have a suggestion we’re all ears. The track will be coming out with a mix by Dustin (featured in this mix), myself, and also one by the elusive Formulate. My new remix of John Morgan (Powerplant) and Kevin Shiu is also in here, as is the original track – “8 Feet Under” – which will be coming out on Powerplant Music. It’s a bit of a corker and I did it specifically with VEMF in mind. The original mix of “8 Feet Under” is a dark and hypnotic piece that would sound at home in one of John Digweed’s darker sets, closer to the end. This was a very enjoyable track to remix. One of the producers to look out for in this mix is Snake Sedrick – his breaks track “Inbreak” is one of my favorites in some time, and his “Aha” is remixed by Jaytech (who remixed my “Lush” track) and it’s really a fine piece of dance music. Another producer to look out for in this mix is Fretwell – I put two of his remixes in here. He is one of my favorite producers and he really delivers on the two tracks that I’ve chosen here. Anyway, those are enough notes from me. Enjoy the show!


  1. Momu – Descolada (Dislodged remix) [3 Beat Breaks]
  2. Snake Sedrick – Inbreak (Original mix) [Tilth Music]
  3. Pole Folder featuring Sandra Feretti – Protected (Fretwell remix) [Mo-Do]
  4. Probspot – Heatsink (Original mix) [Primal Recordings]
  5. Cassino and Laben – Inventiveness (Michael and Levan remix) [Hunya Munya Records]
  6. Keenan and Anderson – Promises (Faskil remix) [Navigation Records]
  7. Paul Thomas and Myke Smith – The Grudge (Fine Taste remix) [Baroque Limited Records]
  8. John Morgan and Kevin Shiu – 8 Feet Under (Original mix) [Powerplant Music]
  9. Snake Sedrick – Aha (Jaytech remix) [Tilth Music]
  10. Seth Vogt featuring Maraya – Leave Me Lonely (Fretwell remix) [Shiznit Recordings]
  11. Medway – The Bassline Track (Jiva Roid Rage mix) [Hooj Choons]
  12. Greed – Strange World (Blackwatch King Monkey Dub) [SOG Records]
  13. Minilogue – In A Deeper Motion (Original mix) [Baroque Records]
  14. Downkill – Minor Theory (Dynamic Illusion remix) [Toes in the Sand]
  15. John Morgan and Kevin Shiu – 8 Feet Under (AFK’s Overkill remix) [Powerplant music]
  16. Keenan and Anderson featuring Tiff Lacey – Runaway (Mat Zo Vocal remix) [Navigation Records]
  17. Formulate, AFK and Dustin H – Unnamed (Dustin H mix) [Pacific Front Recordings unreleased]
  18. Nathan Fake – The Sky Was Pink (Icelandic Version) [Border Community]
Download: AFK – Pacific Front Sessions: May 2008 (mp3)

Right click and Save As, or option-click the link on a Mac to automatically download

spread firefox fail

The makers, or should I say, the marketers of Firefox 3 have come up with a clever campaign for the new version of Firefox. Break a world record for most downloads of a piece of software in one day by getting people to pledge to download on a certain day. Well that day is today and it would appear they’ve swamped themselves. I haven’t been able to connect to the Spread Firefox site since I got the email from them to download about an hour ago. Firefox can’t connect to the spread firefox website. This is a special kind of fail.

access to the excess

Hey – this is a post I’ve been putting off for a week and a half. I have meant to post my 2 hour Pacific Front Sessions mix for May but I haven’t been able to get ahold of the version with voiceovers yet – hopefully soon as I’ve got the mix post ready to go along with mix art etc.
In other news .. Have you heard about Bill C-61? Do you know what it is? If not – see Michael Geist’s C-61 breakdown. If you want to do something about it, write to your MP, write to Jim Prentice – you can see a sample letter here:
This will also show you who you need to contact for your area of the country as well as the ability to email the letter. They encourage you to also print off the letter and send it to Ottawa, free of charge, which I will be doing.
Make sure you have a good look at the sample letter and understand everything it is saying. I didn’t agree with some of the things in it, such as alternatively supporting the ISP levy for P2P sharing, as I have previously mentioned.
You might be thinking that this all sounds too complicated and it doesn’t really matter, but I’d urge you to think a bit more about the subject despite that. Yes, it is complicated. The internet is a complex environment that allows you to do many things in many different ways. That is part of why we enjoy it so much. That also allows for many interpretations of how it should be used, as is so with our computers and devices that we connect to them.
Basically this bill will make it illegal for you to back up your DRM protected DVDs or CDs, or transfer one of your DVDs or copy protected CDs to your iPod. It will also make the software that allows you to do this illegal. There are monetary penalties for violations.
You might be wondering what the deal is with the CDr levy that we’ve been paying $10 million into for the last several years – the levy which was planned to compensate artists for the music that Canadians download. Does this new bill make the CDr levy illegal or out of date? It is a bit unclear how that interrelates. Our government has vilified us for years with the CDr levy, while simultaneously charging for it and suggesting (in the process) that it is even fine to download copyrighted music since they’re collecting a levy on the assumed behavior. The messaging is extremely conflicted. What is our government trying tell us?
Update: The Times Colonist has written an editorial (who is the editor?) on C-61 called “Made in America,” which explains how American private interests (lobbyists) have been using our conservative government to fulfill their agenda of DRM enforcement. Link by way of Michael Geist.