view street, victoria

This is what View Street (at Vancouver) looks like approximately right now. They’ve laid down some mesh and other stuff over the pipes, and also moved the pipes around a bit, but more or less it looks like this. Basically the road has been in a slow-motion fail for a number of years and is sinking because they built it on a lake, so the solution has been to dig up the road and throw down a bunch of tubes and then put concrete over top of it. Kind of like a bridge with no bottom, plus a series of tubes. Yes, that is correct, the internets are soon going to be buried underneath View and Vancouver St. The roads are closed here but the sidewalk is open to pedestrians still. Some people are riding their bikes on this sidewalk and almost running into me in the morning, but I would say it’s a bad idea to those bikers since someone might throw a tube in their spokes by accident one day. It’s a dangerous world!
Has anyone actually seen any of the plans for what they’re doing with our money? How is this supposed to work?

adam freeland at hush

Here’s a photo of Adam Freeland DJing at Hush a couple weeks ago. Earlier in the night I also DJ’d and the night was well attended from the beginning. Unfortunately the night was so well attended that we ended up leaving before it was over – too many people on the dance-floor to do anything except get elbowed! Fun night nonetheless and so there it is.
I took this photo with my olde Canon Powershot G2, a trusty and fun camera that I shot with for 4 years before picking up my absolutely awesome Canon EOS 30D. The G2 has a few features that have yet to make it fully into the Canon dSLR world such as live view, which is the ability to see the shot on the LCD before you take it – something that is available on almost every consumer point and shoot camera but on only a handful of dSLR’s at this point. Another thing would be Auto ISO in manual mode – this is something that seems a bit ridiculous to not have for low light settings. As you can see from above, the G2 is significantly noisier (grainier) than the 30D is – this is because of the larger image sensor in the 30D and general increase in resolution (4.0 megapixel compared to 8.2 megapixel). The other item would be a detaching and swiveling LCD screen so that you can do fancy angled shots like this and see what you are going to get before you take the shot. It’s a huge boon for composition from strange angles. The alternative to this is just taking a bunch of shots from roughly the same angle and then deleting what you don’t like later – this is what I do right now with the 30D, but it is an inferior method compared to composing the shot and waiting for the right moments. Perhaps this comparison is a couple years late, but I have had a good amount of time with both cameras to know and use them well enough to compare the actual significant differences. There is a big difference in how you use a camera with live view with only one lens and a camera with an optical viewfinder only and switchable lenses. Anyway I could go on but I must, instead, go.
Today at work I plan on defining the terms “blog,” “forum,” and “wiki” and differentiating between them. Has anyone else done that? Got any thoughts on the subject?

AFK – Pacific Front Sessions: January 2008

I have written some notes about this mix in case you were wondering:
There are two remixes of Seismic in this mix. There is a third to come which will likely be in my March mix. Check the new Hybrid remix – they continue to crank the big choons out. My favorite mix of that new Cream Sound tune called Intromodul is the original mix, but it is slightly unmixable as it starts with a 95bpm break and continues with the melody through a breakdown and starts back with a 130bpm breakbeat over the same melody. Tricky at best, maybe the start of my next mix. We’ll see. Other remixes are quite good and will definitely see some play from me, including the rather large Elfsong remix. Yes that is a real remix of Britney Spears by James Holden. Commissioned and then decommissioned, there are two remixes he did – one is a dub which is much more tech than this one. They were never officially released. Oliver Lieb (AKA LSG) did one of his 2 remixes in the last 4 years of Chloe Harris, a rather excellent DJ from Seattle. Big spacey sound to this one and fits pretty well with the Powerplant remix of Seismic. Not too much to say about the Fretwell remix of Aeron Aether other than this is a fine piece of ear-candy. Distant Fragment brings us a quality piece of atmospheric breaks in the form of “Luminous Clouds”. The mix finishes with Stefan Anion‘s remix of Seismic – though it is not exactly the same remix as I played in the November 2007 edition of Pacific Front Sessions. Here we have an updated version of the remix. I actually played the first version of it in November erroneously. This is why it is good to keep your hard drive clean and clear..


  1. James Holden – A Break In The Clouds (Acapella mix) – Border Community
  2. Chloe Harris – Skooch (Oliver Lieb remix) – Mashtronic
  3. AFK and Dustin H – Seismic (Powerplant remix) – Pacific Front Recordings
  4. Britney Spears – Breathe In Me (James Holden Vocal mix) – Unreleased
  5. Cream Sound – Intromodul (Embliss Capturing the Void remix) – Morphosis Records
  6. Aeron Aether – Abandon (Fretwell remix) – Tilth Music
  7. Distant Fragment – Luminous Clouds – Morphosis Records
  8. Long Range – Just One More (Hybrid remix) – Long Range Recordings
  9. AFK and Dustin H – Seismic (Stefan Anion’s Running For Cover remix) – Pacific Front Recordings
Download: AFK – Pacific Front Sessions: January 2008 (mp3)

Right click and Save As, or option-click the link on a Mac to automatically download

on breakfast

Here is Peter at Floyds. I was sitting across from him in another booth. Peter has mentioned to me previously that he may own the place, and to prove this, he is sitting here with what appears to be the accountant. I’m not too sure. She ordered soup, but that proves nothing. Anyone can eat soup. What did prove something, though, was that when our waitress was coming over to give us our bill, Peter took her aside and she came back and said our breakfast was taken care of, thanks to Peter. This is the kind of breakfast authority few can argue with, and why would you? Only a fool would argue with a free breakfast from Floyds.
I should mention that Floyds is on Yates and Quadra, across from the Starbucks (not really helpful I know), and they have one of the best Eggs Benedict in the world called “The Homer” – here’s the description straight from the menu:

The Homer: Chicken, bacon, grilled mushrooms, caramelized onions, Cajun spice, chipotle mayo and hollandaise. It’s OK to unbuckle your pants after this one. Mmmm…meaty.

You’re damn right it’s okay to unbuckle after that one. I may or may not be a sucker for anything chipotle. I’ve been enjoying their take on it since I started going there for breakfast a few years ago.
If you are thinking that Floyds is one of those way trendy / popular breakfast places like The Blue Fox, or Shine, or Mole, you are correct. This means you are indeed a fool if you arrive there after 9:30 AM or before 1:30 PM. You will be waiting a long time in line. I recommend getting there at around 9:00 AM at the latest. Coffee (if you drink it) will come fast and the food is great.
Here is a link to to Floyds (for more info and for the answers to the riddles on the mugs if you’ve already been there):

out with the old, in with the new

On the way out: Sony MDRV-700 DJ headphones. Number of gigs played with these: 200+. Made many tracks with these headphones, taken them around the world with me. Were they good? Not really. Sony made them out of plastic and they broke pretty easily after I had them for a year. I had them repaired (not cheap, neither were the headphones), but they broke again in exactly the same place. I know a few other people who have had these and they have all broken in that same spot. C’est la vie. I have had these for around 7 years so they have definitely payed for themselves. I have no particular headphones in mind to replace these – I think I might need two different pairs – nay, three: a pair for listening to music, a pair for producing music, and a pair for DJing and performing.
On the way in: Pictured here beside the headphones is a CD of Benz & MD – Signals with remixes by yours truly. This will be coming out on Proton Music and it will be added to the productions section of this website at that time.

photogroffee december 2007 – gorge

photogroffee gorge
photogroffee gorge
photogroffee gorge
photogroffee gorge
photogroffee gorge
photogroffee gorge
photogroffee gorge
photogroffee gorge
photogroffee gorge
photogroffee gorge
photogroffee gorge
photogroffee gorge
photogroffee gorge
photogroffee gorge
photogroffee gorge
photogroffee gorge
photogroffee gorge
Yus! Another great photogroffee. As usual we got asked about our super duper photo “club” and I did my best to demystify it (“we are just hanging out”) but interest remained. Some folks at the cafe did their best to link us to the Grid Project, which we have nothing to do with, but if we all had the time I am sure we would be involved and more interested. Sadly time is at a premium for all of us so we get to do this kind of photo taking a few times a year – except for in the last few months where we’ve really turned up the knob on the photo excursions. This saturday we are planning a day trip to Saltspring Island with the sole purpose of taking photos. more on the way.. these are busy times indeed!
In the cue:
Carson and Brandy Wedding Photos – shot on NYE
Short Fuse Photo Shoot – shot this Sunday past
Crikey, time to get a new hard drive or two! Any recommendations are more than welcome.

merry happy new year

Merry happy new years. I have had a few questions about the gig tomorrow night with Adam Freeland. As far as I know there are no tickets being sold – it’s pay at the door style. I am on FIRST out of the three DJ’s – it will be:
Me (AFK)
Adam Freeland
I don’t know when each slot will end or begin . Admission is $18 before 10:30 PM… so if you are hoping to come, I would recommend getting there at around 9:30 and your chances will be very good at making it in for the evening. See you all there!