AFK – Pacific Front Sessions: November 2007

Hello again. This months Pacific Front Session is a whole load of breaks with an appropriate dose of four on the floor to pile-drive the point home, finished with a side of skull-crushing breaks. Who talks like this anyway? Maybe I should tell you a bit about the tracks on this mix instead. I don’t know the Watchmen, but Grid System did a remix of their track “Alchemist”, and he really delivered on this progressive tech-breaks masterpiece. This is immediately followed by Hybrid taking on a techy-funk Uberzone track called “4 Bit”. How many variations on a theme can Hybrid do!? The mix takes a turn again for the ethereal with a song by Planisphere (aka Airwave) “Hosanna Beyond The Stars.” Chopped vocals and an icily beautiful breakdown lead towards a more massive direction as the mix escalates from progressive breaks to progressive house with an electro-tech tinge (yes, I did just say that) in the form of a track by Luke Chable (AKA Quest) named “Skyline Road,” which is in turn remixed by DJ Remy, aka RR Workshop – who you might remember from Northern Exposure 3. This is followed up by my own new remix of another former Lush resident DJ – Benz and MD‘s “Signals” – the second of two remixes I did of this track for Proton Music. This particular remix is more dance-floor oriented than the other, although I have gotten feedback from DJ’s which indicates that the other remix would also do the business on the dancefloor. How sweet it is. Moving on, Vancouver’s Joel Armstrong (who apparently needs to update his website!) did a fantastic track with a great treatment from Shiloh called “After Later”. This leads into a progressive house gem which is a remix by Dale Anderson (whose website is suddenly MIA) and Anil Chalwa of the Cheshire Cats. I used the instrumental remix since there were no vocals anywhere else on the mix, and vocals demand to be balanced throughout a mix or used not at all, in my opinion. The vocal mix is quite good, however, and I do play it out when I DJ. Moving on to the finishing move – my soon-to-be-new track with Dustin H called “Seismic” gets an unbelievably huge remix from Stefan Anion which you need to hear to believe. I feel completely spoiled by this. Amazing. Hope you enjoy the mix!


  1. Watchmen – Alchemist (Grid System remix) – Composure Records
  2. Uberzone – 4 Bit (Hybrid’s Back to Analogue remix) – Functional Breaks
  3. Planisphere – Hosanna Beyond the Stars (Original mix) – Green Martian
  4. Luke Chable presents Quest – Skyline Road (DJ Remy remix) – 68 Recordings
  5. Benz & MD – Signals (AFK’s Dragon Dub) – Proton Music
  6. Joel Armstrong – After Later (Shiloh remix) – Baroque Limited Records
  7. Cheshire Cats – Just Get Over It (Anil Chalwa and Dale Anderson Instrumental mix) – Berwick Street Records
  8. AFK & Dustin H – Seismic (Stefan Anion’s Running for Cover remix) – Pacific Front Recordings
Download: AFK – Pacific Front Sessions: November 2007 (mp3)

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these mixes will grow on you

A mushroom Davin found on Musgrave Street, Oak Bay, Victoria
har har
A quick update to mention that I am on Proton Radio tomorrow at noon until 2 PM with Graham Davis AKA DJ Velvety for Pacific Front Sessions.
Also there’s been nothing really quick about this since this is really the fourth time I have updated this site in two days. I have been sick with the flu which has enabled me to catch up with some of my back catalogue of mixes, in particular, guest mixes for other shows and stations, and as such there is a new subsection of the mixes page which will be the spot to find my guest appearances on other people’s radio shows.
Here are some links to the new mixes:


AFK – Friskation

This 4 hour continuous mix features music from Seed, Jacob Todd, Tiebreaker, Voyager, c79, Joel Armstrong, AFK, Micah, Blake Jarrell, Formulate, Shiloh, John Morgan and Kevin Shiu, Dustin H, Steve May, His Boy Elroy, Dale Anderson and many more. It starts off in breakbeat territory, goes prog-electro-tech house for a bit, then a series of massive breaks re-align the set before preparing to take-off to an extended and proper flight of progressive that I suspect will hit all the right buttons for you. This mix took several months to put together and originally aired as a featured artist mix on San Francisco based Frisky Radio.


  1. Blue Haze – Regaining Consciousness (Dislodged breaks remix) – Nascent Recordings
  2. Seed – Echoes (Original mix) – Ritual Sounds
  3. Jacob Todd – Lunedi (Andrew Kelley remix) – Sentient Audio Collective
  4. Tiebreaker – Markarian 421 (Seed vs. Phokus remix) – Pacific Front Recordings
  5. Digital Witchcraft – Brindavan (Original mix) – Opek Music
  6. Voyager – 4 The Heart (Original mix) – S.C.I. Recordings
  7. AFK and Dustin H – Cascadia (Daniel Lindeberg remix) – Emote Music
  8. c79 – Dope Ride (Original mix) – Pacific Front Recordings
  9. Voyager – Train of Thought (Original mix) – S.C.I. Recordings
  10. AFK – Lush (Jaytech and Matt Rowan remix) – Proton Music
  11. Formulate – Rising Edge (Joel Armstrong remix) – Pacific Front Recordings
  12. Quivver featuring Nikki Mack – Not Givin’ Up (D-Nox and Beckers remix) – Boz Boz
  13. AFK & Dustin H – The Morning Star (Original mix – AFK edit) – Pacific Front Recordings
  14. Andy Page and Danny Bonnici – Vermouth (Original mix) – EQ Grey
  15. Desert Dwellers – Musiki Ukabili (AFK’s Moon Over Myakka remix) – Ritual Sounds
  16. Blake Jarrell – Okoboji (His Boy Elroy remix) – Proton Music
  17. LP – Angels (Original mix) – Project Argo
  18. Nefilim – Biscayne Bay (Micah’s Open Waters remix) – Winds West
  19. Coldplay – Talk (JunkieXL remix – AFK edit) – Capitol Records
  20. AFK and Dustin H – Cascadia (Jacob Todd remix) – Emote Music
  21. Shiloh – Dream On (Luke Chable remix) – Baroque Records
  22. Space Manoeuvers – Zone 2 (Benz and MD Aurium remix) – Lost Language
  23. John Morgan and Kevin Shiu – Acid Brownies (Shiloh remix) – Powerplant Music
  24. Union Jack – Two Full Moons and a Trout (Luke Chable remix) – Platipus
  25. Audioholics – External Key (Original mix) – Electronic Elements
  26. Dustin H – Receive The Light (Original mix) – Pacific Front Recordings
  27. Greed – Rolling Hills (Shiloh remix) – ACDC
  28. Max Graham – Crank (Original mix) – Yoshi Toshi
  29. Haji and Emanuel – Take Me Away (Haji and Emanuel Vocal mix) – Big Love
  30. Bedrock – Santiago (Bedrock’s St. James mix) – Bedrock
  31. DJ Remy and Roland Klinkenberg – Ignite (Original mix) – 68 Recordings
  32. AFK – Eclipse (Steve May’s Total Lunar remix – AFK edit) – Pacific Front Recordings
  33. AFK – Eclipse (Dustin H’s Someday Solar remix) – Pacific Front Recordings
  34. Dale Anderson – Yesterday (Unreleased mix – AFK edit) – Unreleased
Download: AFK – Friskation (mp3)

AFK – Shakedown

The Shakedown mix was done for the Shakedown Podcast, presented by Resonant Vibes. I took the photo above in Myakka park, Florida, when I went to go visit Krishen last year. Later we went to Miami for the WMC and met some of the Resonant Vibes folks. This mix features a range of my influences as a producer and a DJ, so you will find some older and some newer music unusually mixed together. Check it out..


  1. Voyager – Someone Else (Voyager and Avedon’s I-40 mix) – SCI
  2. D.D.P. – Conundrum (Planisphere remix) – Bonzai Records
  3. Dale Anderson and Tim Davison – The More I Know (Paul Rogers remix) – Feed Me Records
  4. Niyaz – Dilruba (Junkie XL remix) – Six Degrees Records
  5. AFK & Dustin H – The Morning Star (Original mix) – Pacific Front Recordings
  6. Silence ‘O’ Phobia – Chupakabra (Dynamic Illusion remix) – HeadRush Music
  7. Dustin H & Nero – Summer Solstice (Original mix) – Pacific Front Recordings
  8. LSG – Hidden Sun of Venus (Oliver Lieb remix) – Superstition
  9. Dale Anderson and Keenan – Promises (Original mix) – Baroque Recordings
  10. AFK – Eclipse (Dustin H’s Someday Solar remix) – Pacific Front Recordings
Download: Download AFK – Shakedown (guest mix) mp3

AFK – Resonant Vibes

This is a guest mix I did for Resonant Vibes in 2006. This is CD length, so consider it a mix CD as well – for promotional use only of course. This mix is atmospheric house, progressive breaks, and progressive house. Enjoy!


  1. Bjork – An Echo, A Stain (Luke Chable and Chris Gainer remix) – White Label
  2. Tim Davison and Dale Anderson – Zeitgeist (Original mix) – Source of Gravity
  3. AFK – Dreamcache (Blake Jarrell and Jeff Devas’ Black Lotus remix) – Pacific Front Recordings
  4. MV – Hide (Brad Copeland’s 7 AM in the Y Office remix) – Tao Recordings
  5. Ozgur Can – Irony (Probspot’s Break a Leg remix) – Lost Language
  6. REM – The Great Beyond (Hybrid remix) – CDr
  7. Nicholas Bennison and Micah – I’ve Been There (Micah’s Breaks mix) – Screen 2
  8. AFK – Lush (Original mix) – Proton Music
  9. Joel Armstrong – Serenity (Shiloh remix) – Proton Music
  10. Bent – As You Fall (Micah’s Swollen Floor remix) – EQ / Stomp
  11. AFK and Dustin H – Cascadia (Original Extended mix) – Emote Recordings
Download: AFK – Resonant Vibes Guest mix mp3

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between breaths

Almost all of these photos were shot recently with the 50mm F1.4 prime lens, except for one or two that were shot with a 24-70mm F2.8 lens. Can you guess which was shot with which? No EXIF reading allowed. Just have a look at the amount of zoom in the shots.
There is a lot going on right now. I just put the finishing touches on both of my Benz & MD – Signals remixes. Tonight I will be sending them off for cueing in Proton Music’s release schedule. This means I have time opening up for some new remix work.
I have finished the new Pacific Front Sessions mix which will be airing later this month on Proton Radio. September’s Pacific Front Sessions is available here, and if you’ve listened to it and enjoyed it, please leave a comment to let me know – feedback would be muchly appreciated. As you can see, if you look at the right column where the latest mix is posted, there are 0 comments for it currently. Come on people, I know you’re listening. I have web stats that tell me so. Speak up!


photogroffee november 2007
just like the title suggests, it’s photos and coffee. this time around there was myself, richard and graham. we had breakfast saturday morning at floyd’s and then aimed ourselves towards esquimalt. we never made it to esquimalt, instead being lured into the Any Time Gate at Dockside Green and having a look around. then it started raining on us, so we had to turn back to town.
photogroffee november 2007
photogroffee november 2007
photogroffee november 2007
photogroffee november 2007
photogroffee november 2007
photogroffee november 2007
photogroffee november 2007
photogroffee november 2007
photogroffee november 2007
photogroffee november 2007
photogroffee november 2007
photogroffee november 2007
photogroffee november 2007
photogroffee november 2007
photogroffee november 2007
photogroffee november 2007
photogroffee november 2007
photogroffee november 2007