AFK on Bit Control

Last week I was on The Firm’s radio show “Bit Control” on and I put a set together for it which I think you might enjoy. This set starts off chill and then pumps up in a big way.

  • Stefan Anion – Imagine (Original mix) – Release Digital
  • Elite Force – You (Hybrid remix) – Used and Abused
  • Nutrition – Skyline Dreamer (Blake Potter and Stefan Anion Scaling remix) – Play Breaks
  • Dustin H – Receive The Light (His Boy Elroy remix) – Pacific Front Recordings
  • Mohawk – Outerlimits (Original mix) – Baroque Limited
  • Shiloh – Cafe Del Mariachi (Nick Warren remix) – Hope Recordings
  • Gill Norris – Forme (Shiloh and Micah Shatterfist remix) – Precinct
  • Rob Dougan – Clubbed to Death (Hybrid remix) – Cheeky

Download link:

6 thoughts on “AFK on Bit Control”

  1. Awesome. I was just going to come by your site and bug you for not updating in a while. Instead I was treated with a surprise set. ~VERY NICE~

  2. Yeah this is obviously overdue. I have a TONNE of photos to post as well but my old computer is making me dread the task. oh well. soon this will pass..

  3. Sounds like someone is looking at getting a new computer? Fun fun! Great set btw. Lots of new tunes I don’t recognize, and expertly mixed as usual.

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