in bloom

How often do you see tulips do this?
Victoria is again fragrant with the scent of freshly bloomed flowers everywhere. Memories of other times and other places are heavily associated with many of the smells for me. I don’t have a great sense of smell but it’s good enough to recognize a few things from my early childhood at Parkside Place.
Last night I saw a documentary called Iraq in Fragments at Cinecenta. It featured 3 stories from different people living in Iraq, from the center of poverty and neglect, to extreme religious responses to the lack of government, police and social support, to the rural areas that seem less effected by all that has happened since the invasion and destruction of the country. There is not a specific slant per se, more of a peek into the lives of people in the area and what this really means for them. Have a look at the trailer:
At some points it is amazing the maker of the film lived to tell the story. If you can find it in your area, this is well worth the watch. One of the important films in our time, in my opinion.

Royal Assassin – Turn of Twilight

The second collaboration between myself and Thor Kell under our “Royal Assassin” alias. This is an eastern influenced breakbeat piece with a tinge of the Hope influence. The Desert Dwellers of LA’s Moontribe and Ritual Sounds came in to deliver a desert trance number, while Formulate delivers a spooky progressive house remix that will put all your hairs on end. Dustin H rounded out the release with a progressive trance remix which has an absolutely gorgeous breakdown!

  1. Royal Assassin – Turn of Twilight (Original mix)
  2. Royal Assassin – Turn of Twilight (Desert Dwellers remix)
  3. Royal Assassin – Turn of Twilight (Dustin H remix)
  4. Royal Assassin – Turn of Twilight (Formulate remix)