c79 – Dope Ride (Tiebreaker’s Green Machine remix)

My first memory of Dope Ride is when Charles played it for me when it was 90% done. My second memory of Dope Ride is when he finished it and played it for me – at this point I literally begged and pleaded for him to sign it to Pacific Front. I don’t think the begging or pleading was necessary but this track is that damn good. My third memory of Dope Ride was cruising around in Miami during WMC with Krishen last year, blasting it out of the car and grinning at everyone. That was pretty awesome, I’m not going to lie. My fourth memory of Dope Ride was Charles playing it live at VEMF 2006 at the Jungle Room. Mass destroyage, people, maaaass destroyage. My fifth memory of Dope Ride was the reviews that came into Pacific Front for it. This is a huge track, and it’s been coupled with another original c79 track that will flip you on your side – Dollface. Justin (Formulate) did a remix of it that we started our VEMF 2006 set with, and myself and Anand did a breakbeat remix under our Tiebreaker guise, named after the van our parents own, The Green Machine. In the photo you can see the Green Machine Mark II, which is not a van, but is still green and still a machine. I took the photo up on Triangle Mountain late at night. I have no idea whose house that is but it looks creepy as can be in this time exposure. Even with the effects off it still looks creepy, maybe creepier because it appears that much more real. Anyway it’s real and so is this release, and so are you.

  1. c79 – Dope Ride (Original mix)
  2. c79 – Dope Ride (Tiebreaker’s Green Machine remix)
  3. c79 – Dope Ride (Formulate remix)
  4. c79 – Dollface (Original mix)

the girl with the sun in her head

first of all, if you haven’t heard the original version, you really owe it to yourself to go and buy a copy of Orbital’s “In-Sides”, one of the best electronica albums ever made imo. get the 2CD version, the one with the live songs on it. those are awesome too. second, i just finished this remix while sitting at home recovering from bronchitis.
let me know what you think if you have a minute to spare and some ears. you can hear it on my myspace page:
www.myspace.com/davinafk – davin AFK’s myspace page

murder on triangle mountain

c79 – Murder On Triangle Mountain EP – Pacific Front Recordings (PFR016)
01. c79 – Dope Ride (Original mix)
02. c79 – Dope Ride (Tiebreaker’s Green Machine remix)
03. c79 – Dope Ride (Formulate remix)
04. c79 – Dollface (Original mix)
The much anticipated EP from c79 (aka Chompers, Obakeh) is packed with two original tracks that will devastate, maim, and destroy. Dope Ride is the much-talked about tech juggernaut, while Dollface is an acid driven piece that will leave you squarely on your side. It doesn’t stop there – two Dope Ride remixes: one, a tech-funk electro-driven remix by none other than Formulate; and the other, a skull-crushing dirty, yet atmospheric, breakbeat remix by Tiebreaker. Bust out your favorite roll of yellow tape – this is the Murder on Triangle Mountain EP.
http://www.myspace.com/pacificfront – Listen to it here. Coming out soon on Beatport.