AFK – Pacific Front Sessions: May 2006

  1. Brahma – Bringing In The Dawn (Micah’s Oldschool Remix) – Sentient Audio Collective
  2. AFK – Lush (Matt Rowan And Jaytech Remix) – Proton Music
  3. John Morgan & Kevin Shiu – Acid Brownies (Shiloh Remix) – Powerplant Music
  4. AFK – Lush (Formulate Remix) – Proton Music
  5. Slyder – What Happens (Starecase Dub) – DJSR
  6. AFK – Eclipse (Steve May’s Total Lunar Remix) – Pacific Front
  7. Shiloh – Dream On (Luke Chable Remix) – Baroque
  8. AFK – Eclipse (Dustin H’s Someday Solar Remix) – Pacific Front
Download: AFK – Pacific Front Sessions: May 2006


here’s a doodle i did, spent about an hour on it. inspired by the redmeat comic skull. did some lowlight photography tonight with the 30D. looking to be a stellar low light camera!
Notice: This may not be re-used on your t-shirt, skateboard, shoes, or any Zazzle (or website like it) product. It may also not be used as your band logo etc.

would you like to see the best music video ever?

that’s lexi. a bit unrelated to the subject at hand here. but hey, i had the picture ready to go.
i saw the devin townsend band live in vancouver a few months ago with anand and some of his pals. they’re best described as unabashedly epic metal. thoroughly entertaining.
and they appear to have made the best music video ever!
my favorite things about this video:

  • the on-cue height restricted flames
  • precarious rock spires that the drummer and bass player (and eventually devin) stand on

devin townsend band – vampira

critical update

So! That track I did a remix of by Amani and Teapot is actually by Desert Dwellers. Here’s a little review of it by our pal Mike from Hybrid:
A reaction has been generated for: Desert Dwellers – Musiki Ukabili (AFK’s Moon Over Myakka remix)
Reacted by: Hybrid (Mike Truman)
Affiliation: Fabric UK/Avalon (L.A.)/Liquified (Atlanta)/Distinctive Records
Country: United Kingdom
Rating: 7
Reaction: Very Good
Comments: Great builder this one, hypnotic groove that should work a
storm on a big system. Love the sound of the breakdown…
Nice one!
Mike Hybrid.

donna johnson st.

so, as some of you may have noticed, i have taken comment approval off. until sp@m becomes a problem, i’m going to leave it off. comment at will!
this picture is of my uberpal donna who i ran into randomly in town a week or two ago. she rocks. long time readers will remember her from the hypnosis episode.