casey jo

i don’t normally endorse prime time television. okay that’s a lie. i love arrested development and the office. but don’t ask me when they air; i watch them off of DVD and such. i made an exception in this case. ha ha, i said case.
about a month ago, maybe more, casey jo and I (pictured above) went out on a cold [for victoria] blustery canadian december night and filmed an entry for much music’s vj search. tonight at 8 PM on cityTV, they aired the entry along with 19 of the other semi-finalists. i am 100% confident that it was not my camera work that got casey jo into the semi-finals. it’s all personality here folks.
so what do i think of the show? i watched the whole thing. for anyone who has watched much music any time in the last 20 years, there are a lot of VJ’s that you will recognize in there. of particular interest to myself were master T and erica ehm — they were the most prominent VJ’s when I used to watch mm back in the day. i forgot how many commercials there are in prime time television. there are a hell of a lot! that’s okay because i like to watch commercials, and one day, i’d like to write scripts for television advertisements. for serious.
go to much music’s vj search poll and vote for casey jo. canada, we may have blown the federal election, but with a little bit of attention i believe we can get this particular competition right.


it’s been mad windy lately. like wtf weather. yes hello!
tim’d bday party, surprise tonight .. went flawlessly.. canucks beat colorado, sweet action.
going to hush with mike and adam.
slept til 3 PM today.
heck yes.

c79 – Violent Silence (AFK’s Passive Aggressive remix)

This full EP from c79 has two very original tracks with inverted naming. This is arguably Pacific Front’s biggest release to date. We ended up licensing Silent Violence (Original mix) to Paul Oakenfold’s Perfecto label for a Sandra Collins compilation. Kan Shinomura did a smooth tech remix and I did an atmospheric breaks remix to round out the package. I took the photo for this release at Luminara in 2006. This monster was wandering through the forest in Beacon Hill Park and I caught him with my telephoto before he ran away.

  1. c79 – Silent Violence (Original mix)
  2. c79 – Silent Violence (Kan Shinomura remix)
  3. c79 – Violent Silence (Original mix)
  4. c79 – Violent Silence (AFK’s Passive Aggressive remix)

knock knock

my next DJ gig is thursday, february the 9th at Hush. it is a fundraiser for the open door society of victoria. come support a good cause and enjoy great music simultaneously! i’ll be doing the warm up set as i don’t get to do that too often and i quite enjoy music of a different gear.
my january 28th date @ the legendary Lush has been switched to February 18th .. so mark that down on your calendars folks, it will be rip roarin massive tracks and guaranteed good times.


no fancy tricks here, just auto-levels on an underexposed sunlit subject with shadowy background. i took the photo on the songhees waterfront area, where the seaplanes take off, the mouth of victoria’s inner harbour.
so check it out aight?
canada has a new prime minister. his name is george w. bush. he has a rep up here for us canadians to talk to named stephen harper. for real. aight?
okay my real feelings on this subject is that i am astounded that stephen harpers platform of intollerance won over paul martins platform of inaccountability. and i am truly disappointed more people didn’t vote green or ndp. this region of canada did alright, but the rest .. where all the seats are .. no. not good.
i was joking with a friend tonight. i said i would’ve voted BQ if i could. just to see what they would actually do if they ran canada. as it is, they criple canada (what kind of party runs only in one province and why don’t the rest of us get one?) — would they seperate from canada, and then if they did, would the government technically go with them, leaving canada without a government — and would they take our name too?
in all seriousness this is a dark day for canada. in a pivotal time, a time in which we could make a big difference to the world, we appear to be taking an intollerant spectators spot, folding up our arms and standing back. it’s so sad, i can only hope that the rest of the voting nation can wake up next election. it is almost as if we have to wait for a generation to pass from voting before we can progress to a modern government that will fit the needs of todays day and age. today, we simply do not have it. straight up, it’s like that.
my other feelings on the political situation is that the seats are still heavily weighted towards the east. it makes it very difficult to feel like you can make a difference from the west when you see how many seats are concentrated in ontario and quebec. that system may have worked decades, even a century ago, but this is a different time than before with different needs, and a whole lot of people who are being minimalized by the current system.
okay that’s enough of a rant for now. i think the photo is far nicer than the words.

the blue hour

the chain shot during the blue hour
what is the blue hour? the blue hour is definied by wikipedia as something not too dissimilar to twilight.
for a while i’ve been using it to describe anything i want, in particular that time-warp zone between 11pm – 1 AM. you look at the time at 11ish and it’s like “ok yeah, the night is not over yet but it will be in a bit.” then you look at the time again, and in a span of what you think is minutes, 2 hours has gone by. why is that? is it because this is around when everyone gets home, goes online and shoots you an IM? i don’t know, but time definitely dilates.
now that i settled that up, i should tell you where i first heard the term, or at least, first remember hearing the term: a group by the name Killer Loop (Layo Paskin, Richard West) made this progressive house gem named “the blue hour.” sasha and digweed put it on their “communicate” album and it had this sound. it was really distinct and cool. it gave me some pretty h-core visuals, you know how some songs do that. this one in particular was quite odd. i imagined the flintstones in some sort of trance having a full moon party. i think you gotta hear the track. it’s really that cool.
so if the blue hour is legitimately twilight, particularly the twilight of the summer, then i have to name this time dilation something else. i like the idea of calling two hours one. the blue hour did that. but i can’t do that. it’s taken! frick.
uh oh. it’s happening. stop it!
the time is going by so quickly. aaaah!

what time is the rave?

i just made this entry a photography entry. i think they’re all going to be photography entries. well whatever. i played an excellent game of trivial persuit, pop culture edition #2. though my team was not victorious, i still had a great time and enjoyed knowing about 25% of the questions, as opposed to normal version which i would score much lower at, i am sure.
i am shuffling this and that around. i was scheduled to play on saturday, january the 28th at hush, but now it looks like the show is being postponed til early february, which is a shame because i was looking forward to making a new track with DustinH while he was up here that weekend, and then playing it out that same weekend. can’t win ’em all.
on saturday night past, braeden DJ’d at hush for the first time in a long time. it was really quite good and i forgot how much i enjoy listening to this guy DJ. always good, no exception. like myself, he has a variety of different DJ sounds — a club sound, a party sound, a radio sound, a CD sound .. he’s really quite excellent at each one and they demand in different ways.
shortly after braeden’s set, jim mentioned to me that he had caught wind of a party happening in a certain downtown spot and so off we went to grab my records from my place and go to The Place. we went to The Place after scouting out this awesome pizza place across from logans on cook st. yes it was quite good. don’t remember the name but i quite liked it. so we went to The Place and Joshua swiped us in past the gate as we were amongst the first to arrive with steve and his girly-friend type. within 30 minutes there were over 200 people there, and me, unexpectedly DJing on a rather nice set up of two tech1200’s and a rane mixer, pumping out the tunes ona rather large sound system. the set went from 2 – 4 AM and it was energetic, completely spontaneous and ridiculously gratifying. it’s pretty hard to describe how satisfying this night was. it’s the kind of night you dream about as a young DJ, pretending something terrifically awesome is going to happen out of the blue. at some point you forget about that dream and settle into the reality of the mundane, run-of-the-mill gigs. this was something else. it put the scenes in groove to shame even. we were only short one john digweed.
i got a phone call from kentucky tonight. resonant vibes is going to feature me as a DJ on their site. since pacific front already sells through their store, it makes perfect sense to me to line up with them. i spoke with a friendly fellow named sam who had an english accent. we traded cell digits and we will be txting in florida. which brings me to florida.
i am going to florida! two reasons. going to visit krishen, who i have not visited yet in almost 3 years. yeah slightly overdue. he lives in sarasota. the other reason is in miami. and of course we are going to WMC. was there any doubt? i am assembling my list of folks to hook up with right now. so if you’re going to WMC, be sure to drop me a line and we’ll trade contact info for the conference. other than that i am really looking forward to going to the place where my brother lives and seeing what his life is really like and how different it is from mine and stuff. that kind of thing is always interesting to me.

blumenwiese neben autobah

got a few more things to do on this site in terms of CSS and such. tweaks and whatnot. i love being my own client. it’s pretty satisfying.
myself and nathan started a new track last night and it was madness. can’t say too much yet. but i really like it.
was going to book my flight to florida today but that didn’t work out. will have to do that next weekend. perhaps will book the calgary trip right now. what is peak season for flying? i figured it was summer and winter and that was it. am i missing something? is it holiday related a well?
i was discussing our political options with my coworkers. i saw the debate this week past and it was pathetic. i am looking for a leader that can represent canada with spine and intelligence. unfortunately to get elected in this country it seems like you have to play for one of two teams, and what you have to say is not quite as important as what those players on those teams think of you personally. to make it to those teams you gotta be elected, but the democracy seems to end there. the only leader that displayed any spine was that of the bloc quebequois, but i think that may have been because it was an all english debate and his party doesn’t run except for in french speaking regions (quebec). don’t get me wrong, i am going to vote. but i don’t think i can rely on debates to provide any insight whatsoever, as one only needs to watch the show for 2 minutes to realize that these guys are simply slagging eachother down, denying and cross-slagging. what a waste! i have more homework to do before making any decision.
i’m going to go see braeden DJ at hush tonight and beyond that the weekend is meant only for relaxing. ciao.