i will be djing at hush tonight with DJ Emit and Joshua. yeah this will be pretty cool. i know it’s a tuesday night so i don’t really expect many people will be there, it’s hard to go out on tuesday nights for sure. i’ll be playing the main slot.
oh! me and vince will be finished a new iteration of our untitled as of yet track and we’ll be playing it tonight with vince doing vocals live. i’ll be putting in his guitar parts tonight. this track is freakin’ massive. yeah uh! sweet. think quivver + hybrid + junkiexl influences.

luke chable, shiloh & me @ lush – hush oct 8th

on Saturday October the 8th Lush at Hush presents Luke Chable, Shiloh and ariz0na.
yeah this is gonna rock! uh huh!
let me take some sort of stock of who i’ve played with in the last year in a bit in no order:
hybrid, max graham, freaky chakra, kevin shiu, phil k, john morgan, and now luke chable and shiloh. not bad at all.
who is left on my list of people I want to play shows with .. sasha, starecase .. oliver lieb. that’s it i think. i went from collecting records to collecting gigs with my heros. haha that’s cool now that i think about it. *thinks about it* *feels all cool n stuff*
hope to see many familiar faces there, it promises to be a stellar night indeed!

slowing down

i feel like,
way more organized, and
like i’ve got my [bleep] together. way more so now than any time in recent memory. enough so that i can do random projects, start and finish them in 2 or 3 days. as opposed to 6 months of loose ends.
lets keep this .. up!