Micah – Capable Space (AFK’s Chehalis Space Station remix)

One of my favorite tracks by Micah (from Calgary) is Capable Space. It’s got a bit of funk, a bit of eeriness, and some truly great moments. Justin agreed, and we had Micah on Pacific Front with this release. Jarius Miller actually did two remixes of this, the other one of which can be found on the Storm Warning 002 EP. I did a half breaks, half progressive remix (because you know I love that half and half versatility in a set) that I recently remastered and put in a Pacific Front Sessions show.

  1. Micah – Capable Space (Original mix)
  2. Micah – Capable Space (AFK’s Chehalis Space Station remix)
  3. Micah – Capable Space (Jarius Miller’s Headverb remix)

nice way to start the day

[employee girl having conversation with me at Store about parties and other popular things to do]
manager lady comes out from back, says to me:
“good morning, nice to see you again”
employee girl to manager lady:
“what do you mean, i haven’t seen him here in a while”
“i see him all the time!”
“oh i will be working mornings again so i will be here more”
manager to employee:
“he is pretty easy on the eyes isn’t he?”
employee girl:
giggle giggle
ok bye!


photo by jim mckenna.
saturday was beautiful.
saturday was nonstop.
saturday was intense.
saturday was educational.
saturday was exhausting.
saturday was meaningful.
saturday was entertaining.
saturday was emotional.
saturday was exhilerating.
saturday was unbelievable.
saturday was vemf.

VEMF team gearing up for Saturday

this morning, myself and justin were on the A Channel (formerly the New VI, channel 12 locally) showing how we add, subtract, and manipulate electronic instruments live. afterwards, kenzie and miche showed how DJing works and bruce beil gave a speil on the whole Victoria Electronic Music Festival concept. lots of fun thanks to the coffee that we were on. i was up at 5:45 this morning to get everything in order.. also we were on CBC this morning at 8:15 AM on 90.5 FM with Jeff Weaver .. all the pieces are coming together for VEMF.. it is an exciting time for certain. lots to do yet — a 1.5 hour live performance for me and Justin / Formulate on Saturday night from 8:00 PM – 9:30 PM on the main stage in Centenial Square, and also some music making seminars that we are putting on in the daytime in the Music Production Booth with myself, Anand, Justin and possibly Charles.