yeah but can you dance to 90’s?

the lucky bar has an excellent 90’s night on monday nights which is good times central. yes that’s right a 90’s night. i know it’s not the first 90’s night like it claims to be, but dude! they have a giant 90210 poster and it kicks ass.
i think that some people dressed up as their favorite 90210 characters and then tried to figure out which character i was. well there is no half east indian half white guy on 90210 that i recall but they all WERE tanned so i coulda been anyone. i had the sideburns going too, yeah pretty suite.
some of the excellent tunes played on monday night:

  • Black Box – Strike it Up
  • C&C Music Factory – Gonna Make You Sweat
  • MC Zar and the Real McCoy – Just Another Night
  • Haddaway – What Is Love?
  • Technotronic – Pump Up The Jam

I have to admit a wee bit of disappointment because I didn’t hear Captain Hollywood Project – More and More. Oh I just had a look at the lyrics to more and more, ever wonder what he was saying in his DeepVoiceManRap? Yes well I sorta did too. Check it out:

More and more and more, I don’t know where we’re going to
More and more and more, there’s so much we don’t wanna do
’cause without we cheat and we learn from each and every heart affair
it’s without we cheat and we hurt till somebody’s in despair
Boom, keep in tune,
hollywood will soon leftt the point,
right to the point smokin’
like it’s a joint, makin’
ain’t got time to be fakin’
it’s my turn and I’m takin’
everything without shakin’
yo here with the bacon
(Repeat Chorus)
More and more and more
More and more and more
more and more bam, don’t give a damn
pump the music and jam there’s no time for the problem
not a thought to some, but just make sure you get it
show the fella’s you with it
being prompt you get it, never will you forget it
(Repeat Chorus)
More and more and more
More and more and more

wow man Captain Hollywood was injecting subliminal lyric genius into us while we were dancing in highschool. gosh! i had no idea. that’s my pal krystle in the pic from highschool. she does an excellent napoleon d. voice.

going to this tonight, anyone wanna come?!?!

It’s time for the FRINGE FESTIVAL, and there are tons of shows going on this year that look amazing. One that might appeal to some of you out there (especially the jaded old schoolers) is this show……
Sparkle Bunny: The Last Raver Dancing
by Sara Bynoe
Vancouver, BC
One woman comedy – 45 minutes
$7 / $6 Students & Seniors
What do you do when the music stops, the lights come up, the drugs have worn off, it’s 2005 and you’re the last raver dancing? You search for the vibe, remember the P.L.U.R. and start flyering. Join Sparkle Bunny, with her sidekick Bunny Bear, as she hosts her own rave to bring it back. From the creator of
Wood Hall, Victoria Conservatory of Music
Fri, Aug 26, 6:15 PM
Sat, Aug 27, 10:30 PM
Sun, Aug 28, 4:00 PM
Mon, Aug 29, 9:45 PM
Fri, Sept 2, 8:00 PM
More Fringe Festival Info @

AFK – Pacific Front Sessions: August 2005


  1. Seed – Gypsy Eyes – CDR
  2. MV – Hide (Brad Copeland Remix) – Tao Promo
  3. Tilt – Twelve (Christopher Lobsinger’s Floating Point Remix) – Lost Language
  4. AFK – Lush (Original Mix) – Proton Music
  5. Bent – As You Fall (Micah’s Swollen Floor Remix) – CDR
  6. Starkid – Crayons (Leama & Moor’s In Loving Memory of Starkid Remix / AFK Sonic Hack Edit) – Release Records
  7. Son Kite – Colors (Luke Chable Remix) – Digital Structures Sweeden
  8. Obakeh – Ghosted (AFK’s Fully Spooked Remix / AFK Sonic Hack Edit) – Pacific Front Recordings
Download: AFK – Pacific Front Sessions: August 2005

just me.

i’d like to be.
no white label promo.
no time exposure.
no club nights.
no new sunglasses.
no pretty girls.
no producing tips.
no revolutionary new design.
no fancy new fashion.
no speaking in code.
no school zone.
no haircut.
no radio show.
no exclusive mix.
no hot gossip.
no stipulation.
no travelling.
no competition.
no waiting line.
no superstar dj.
no breaking news.
no family.
no friends.
no enemies.
no failure.
no success.
no effort.
just me.