Tiebreaker – Settle the Score

One Christmas Eve, myself and Anand were over at our parents place and as usual we couldn’t sleep because of all the sweet presents we were going to open the next day, like socks and matching family sweaters, that sort of thing. My mom used to seem to think it was pretty awesome to make us all wear the same thing at the family reunion. I am pretty sure she’s given up, but it was pretty funny while it lasted. Anyway so we were sitting around in the basement as if we were teenagers stuck at home again, and then I decided I was going to install some production software on my mom & dad’s computer, which I did. Then we went back and forth on this for about 7 or 8 hours straight and we had our song. Just like that, bam! It was easily one of the most fluid music productions I have ever been a part of. The song went on to get remixed by the breakbeat duo from Vancouver known as Influenza and also Micah from Ruhn Song / Baroque did a slick progressive house remix. The original mix is one of those half breaks, half four-on-the-floor tracks that seems to be so hard to come by. Anand, Justin and I did live version of this at VEMF 2006 with myself and Justin on effects and loops and Anand playing live saxophone over top of it. The song was featured on a Love Parade Compilation which topped the dance charts on iTunes for a while and received a lot of play and support from the local DJ’s here in Victoria.

  1. Tiebreaker – Settle the Score (Original mix)
  2. Tiebreaker – Settle the Score (Influenza remix)
  3. Tiebreaker – Settle the Score (Micah’s Miami Style Justice remix)


at 8 PM PST (less than an hour from now) i’ll be doing a set on icestation.us.. an all breaks set. expect to hear that new Influenza remix of Tiebreaker – Settle the Score. that photo is from hush when i DJ’d with freaky chakra.
UPDATE: due to a scheduling mis-hap, the show will air at 6 PM PST next week instead. okay!


photo by alison and manipulated by moi!
You get to feel so guilty, got so much for so little
Then you find that feeling just won’t go away
You’re holding on to every little thing so tightly
‘Til there’s nothing left for you anyway
You wanted to get somewhere so badly
You had to lose yourself along the way
You change your name, well that’s okay, it’s necessary
And what you leave behind you don’t miss anyway
You can keep this suit of lights
I’ll be up with the sun
I’m not coming down
‘Cause I’m already gone
Felt that way all along
Closer to you every day
I didn’t want it that much anyway
You’re taking steps that make you feel dizzy
Then you learn to like the way it feels
You hurt yourself you hurt your lover
Then you discover
What you thought was freedom is just greed
And it’s emotional
Good night…
I’ll be up with the sun
You’re still holding on
I’m not coming down

EDM Digital Top Downloads (June 20th)

EDM Digital Top Downloads (June 20th)
01.AFK – Dreamcache (Formulate Doesn’t Dream Mix)
02.Formulate – Abbreviated Funk
03.Stel – Second Chance
04.Darioef – Near U (Original mix)
05.Totem Pole – Quandry (Darioef Remix)
06.Agent 001 – Mystic Disco (Sharon & Robert Remix)
07.Paul Kwitek – Don’t Forget (Francis Davila & Santiago Niño Remix)
08.Stel & Good Newz – Little Soul (Club Mix)
09.Baunder – Villa
10.Agent 001 – Jabba Jaw (Damian DP Remix)
11.Ozgur Can – Connected (Totem Pole Remix)
12.Ashland – Clear (Charlie May Vocal Mix)
13.Tigerhook Corps – Flygirls
14.Neverdogs Feat. Phoebe – Moltobeat (Kick Mix)
15.Tipper – Ruck (feat epcot)
16.Agent 001 – Mystic Disco (Damian DP Mystic Rockin Dub)
17.Ashland – Clear (Burufunk Remix)
18.Tigerhook Corps – Oversexed & Underpaid
19.Habersham – Gently Shifting People (Shawn Luke’s Dirty Grit Mix)
20.Soul Projector – SP meets FSOL

world in my eyes

Let me take you on a trip
Around the world and back
And you won’t have to move
You just sit still
Now let your mind do the walking
And let my body do the talking
Let me show you the world in my eyes
I’ll take you to the highest mountain
To the depths of the deepest sea
We won’t need a map, believe me
Now let my body do the moving
And let my hands do the soothing
Let me show you the world in my eyes
Let me put you on a ship
On a long, long trip
Your lips close to my lips
All the islands in the ocean
All the heaven’s in the motion
Let me show you the world in my eyes
That’s all there is
Nothing more than you can touch now
That’s all there is
Let me show you the world in my eyes


i watched lock, stock and two smoking barrels. alison lent it to me, it’s pretty good. now i gotta buy some dvd’s so i can participate in the ‘trade’ part of the deal. hah. that movie, you keep on thinking it is going to end, and then it gets better and better.
lazy sunday today, not much to say other than saturday night was huge as expected and wow! i love what happens when you put yourself in traffic.