ten mile point

i went exploring the other night at ten mile point and found the craziest phospheressence .. unfortunately it was impossible to capture with a photograph — even though my camera was cranked to 400 ISO (hence the grain) on F2.0 at various time exposures up to 15 seconds. limitation of the camera, i am sure these things can be photographed…

smells like updog

okay i have been SLAYING many of my friends with hilarium in the form of the updog joke for the last day. nicole demands credit for this joke because she heard it from somebody that i don’t know in picture butte.
well then. so there! HILARIOUS.
i would like to officially recognize nicole for importing several units of hilarium to the office and indeed the entire west coast of canada and possibly the united states.

headed to tofino

the sick-ness i am in has steadily gotten worse over the last 3 days. it now feels like bronchitis (again). i think it is just from the stress of not having a home-base. sometimes they say that manifests into physical .. illness. however, i am interested to do this drive to tofino now, as i have not been up there since i was a wee kid.
ok i better go get some hot herbal tea.
bye bye.


i am at my parents place right now in victoria/ bit of a complaint here. not about my parents, but my parents are watching a movie on CBC. the movie’s audio is incredibly quiet, but the commercials come on and they’re blaring at a much higher volume. people at the tv station, it’s called normalizing. try it. sheeeeeeeeeeeesh.
argh my poor ears