AFK – Lush

One of my most successful tracks, this four on the floor melodic progressive house is how most people know the name AFK. This spent a good amount of time on the definitive Balance Record Pool chart and was hammered by many an A-List DJ. Lush is named after the club night at Hush which I have enjoyed playing at for years during my residency there with Braeden. I have since moved on but this stands as my tribute to an immense night that had line ups going around the corner of the block.

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Much fun. Cover art lettering was done by Jason @ Proton Radio. The photo is a “self landscape” that I took on the BC Ferries on the way from Vancouver to Nanaimo – I had missed the last ferry to Victoria unfortunately. I put the camera on a post, hit the delay, and then did a 15 second time exposure as the ferry pulled out of the dock, hence the clear foreground and smeared background. This was released on May 23, 2006 on the LA / Dallas based label Proton Music.

  1. AFK – Lush (Original mix)
  2. AFK – Lush (Formulate remix)
  3. AFK – Lush (Matt Rowan and Jaytech remix)

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Monday, May 30th at 3 PM EST (Noon PST) Proton Radio presents PROTONIZED, a very special 100 minute mix from ariz0na.
For the last seven years, Davin Greenwell, better known as DJ ariz0na and producer AFK, has been pushing the progressive sound in the form of breaks, house and trance. Davin has been heavily involved in the Victoria electronic music scene through many years of community and commercial radio, club and events promotion,, and now most prominently with Pacific Front Recordings (PFR), a new music label he trailblazes in cahoots with Justin Humber, aka Sasha-spun Formulate. Recording as AFK has seen Davin release two gigantic progressive tracks on his home label, PFR, and has produced a haunting breakbeat remix of Obakeh’s “Ghosted” and a synapse-smashing remix of arguably Formulate’s most memorable track, “Rising Edge.” Davin has been remixed by the likes of Steve May, Blake Jarrell, Jeff Devas, Influenza, Micah, Formulate, and Chompers. His music has extended globally and can be heard in forward-thinking clubs all over the world. Toss in a Saturday night residency at Victoria’s outstandingly fun Lush at Hush with fellow prog mobster Braeden Parrott, mix in appearances at Lotus in Vancouver, and you have a talent echoing throughout the scene in the Pacific Northwest.
Davin has had a hand in the production of every track in PROTONIZED — from being remixed, to collaborations, to doing the remixes himself — including a very special never-heard-before ambient mix of Obakeh’s “Ghosted.”

  1. AFK – Magnetic (Chompers Dub) – Pacific Front Recordings
  2. AFK & c79 – Ferris Wheel Phantom – Unsigned
  3. Tiebreaker – Settle The Score (Micah’s “Miami Style Justice” remix) – Pacific Front Recordings
  4. AFK – Dreamcache (Formulate “Doesn’t Dream” remix) – Pacific Front Recordings
  5. Tiebreaker – Prominence (Steve May’s “Doin’ It For the Digital Slut” remix) – Pacific Front Recordings
  6. AFK – Emily’s China – Unsigned
  7. AFK – Dreamcache (Blake Jarrell and Jeff Devas’ “Black Lotus” remix) – Pacific Front Recordings
  8. Formulate – Rising Edge (AFK remix) – Pacific Front Recordings
  9. Tiebreaker – Settle The Score – Pacific Front Recordings – Forthcoming
  10. AFK – Magnetic (Formulate remix) – Pacific Front Recordings
  11. AFK – Lush – Unsigned
  12. Emerald Green – Tell Me Your Story – Unsigned
  13. Obakeh – Ghosted (AFK’s “Floating Through Walls” Ambient mix) – Pacific Front Recordings – Unreleased

AFK – Davin Greenwell
Tiebreaker – Davin Greenwell and Anand Greenwell
AFK & c79 – Davin Greenwell and Charles Paul
Emerald Green – Davin Greenwell and Jaime Murdoch

the path to destruction!

the path to destruction
i think 2005 is the year of technical server [bleep] not working right. did the ancients think of that? “2005 will be the year all the crap we invented in the last 10 years becomes incredibly unreliable but we discover that we don’t really care that much anyway.” for online stores, it’s like the equivalent of their storefront randomly disappearing only to reappear later like nothing happened. “what?” yeah.
anyhow, i wrote a new DJ bio with jim tonight. watch! i am linking to myself! link link link!
i must go. anand is here!

AFK – Dreamcache

One night I had a dream. I wont get into the details of exactly what happened but at some point in my dream, my brother Krishen whipped out a keyboard and played the main melody for this song on it. Dreamcache henceforth is a cache or memory of the dream I had. I was late for work because I had to get the song down before I forgot it. Justin (Formulate) put together a rather devastating remix that everyone from Shiloh to Luke Chable was hammering at the time. Blake Jarrell and Jeff Devas, two guys who I respect quite a bit in the music biz, were graceful with their remix, making a Voyager-esque remix that also did the business on the dancefloor. My original is pretty clangy and features some pretty big noises, and a twang partly inspired by the Echomen.

  1. AFK – Dreamcache (Original mix)
  2. AFK – Dreamcache (Formulate Doesn’t Dream remix)
  3. AFK – Dreamcache (Blake Jarrell and Jeff Devas Black Lotus remix)

lets get crunk

as usual i thought of a tonne of interesting things to say on my blog while i was on the seabus to north vancouver. as usual, i opened my notebook and wrote about something else. so, i have this to say: tell me your story.