U2 Live in Vancouver

well according to the rules I can’t post any pictures on teh interweb, until after the worldwide tour is over. which is tonight. i heard word that Vancouver will serve for the Official Tour DVD which is neat and provided for an extra interesting show.
okay this is neat: they got on some time between 8:30 and 9:00. the band played until 11:30. they completely rocked it out. it was insanity. they are better live than they were last time i saw them at the pop mart tour. their stage set up needs to be seen in person, which i suppose only leaves you tonight to attempt. it is amazing……..
favorites.. a new one .. city of blinding lights (which they also shot the video for in vancouver on wednesday and partly last night) .. was brilliant live. in fact a lot of the stuff off the new album .. well, you realize that they’re great live songs, decent album songs (for U2). that being said, the new ones they played were incredible. other fav’s for the evening .. Running To A Stand Still (of course, how could they not). . One, Zoo Station, oh i can’t decide, they were all so good. the set was clearly carefully planned out, rocked hard at the beginning, desceneded BPM into some of their really powerful plodding stuff, went epic with Running to a Stand Still, and revved things back up with Where The Streets Have No Name. yeah it was stupid good.
i have to shake my head at how good this show was last night.
okay enough of that. lotus tonight, hush tomorrow night to see Steve May!

sick beats

so i went on possibly, my favorite photoshoot to-date. the conditions were far better than dreamed of, the locations were SO on, and the guys are a blast to work with. clicky on top one for large. oh, and check out their ratherniceindeedâ„¢ website, www.sickbeats.ca. yeeeeeeeeeees.

heart pounding

have i ever mentioned on here that i like to meet new people? i do. especially when i am out on my own. it’s why i don’t listen to music on public transit or while waiting for public transit. so that i am open to it. i don’t necessarily start it, though that’s been known to happen ocassionally.
i have another picture from the same dark city shoot but it isn’t of the city and i isn’t dark and i didn’t want people to associate the two, so maybe i’ll post it next week. it is the cool.
the picture at the top, well, you guess it, clicky for bigger. whenever i walk up keith road to anand’s place, it reminds me of aberdeen in scotland. lots of houses that look like this, except stonier.
anyway i owe nothing more to this night so i will say good night and hit le hay. i didn’t drink any coffee.

stuff and things and whatnot

weird cool dream: i dreamt last night that there was a tsunami that came up the north shore and threatened to wipe a lot of stuff out. and it should haveve, but it didn’t. pretty much everything was just really wet. yeah. and then my dream went in reverse and i was on a BC Ferry when the tsunami was coming in. and we went over this huge wave, I wasn’t sure if we were gonna make it. but we did, it was nothing more than exciting. weird.
awesome new program for the mac: adiumx. if you aren’t a mac user, you probably don’t care about this. but you should be jealous of such a beautiful program. this, like Fireâ„¢, combines several different programs (i use iChat and MSN) into one superprogram. except this does it right. Fire was just a pain. although it did integrate IRC and this one doesn’t. but i don’t care. what i do care about is that i don’t have to use the horrendous version of MSN Messenger for mac anymore, which the luddites at Microsoft update every 2 years or so to bring it in line with the version of MSN Messenger they’re developing for Windows 3.11 users.
something else: quentin asked me on sunday if i wanted to move downtown with him and for some reason i was hesitent. then i realized i was comfortable on the north shore. comfortable?!?! i have spent the last 6 months complaining about it. now i like it. perhaps because i seem to have really gotten things together in the last month or so. i don’t really want to say on here why things are in order but i do know, 100%, why things have changed. and it wasn’t particularly obvious to me at the time when i was making the decisions i made, but now it is clear – clear like the filtered water i drink every morning. oh yes, very clear. mmm water. mmm filtered water.
so anyway, that thing about comfort i think relates to the dream i had last night. yeah. shaking things up is exciting.
i wonder how high up on the ridge i live on the north shore? it is at the top of the hill in a bit of a tower. charles was mentioning, when we were cookin’ something-or-other the other night, that it takes the water longer to boil at my place because of the higher elevation. so like, hmm, how do i figure out how many feet above sea level i am? is there like, some way to tell? hmmm..
shameless material stuff i still want:


  • travel. lots and lots of travel.

please. let me go with a new powerbook, digital SLR and a car to go in. and that keyboard thingie. i want to drive across north america, take pictures, and make music. oh and I could perform on that baby too. hook it up, yeah. thats what i want to do.
that is all for now.

achieving stasis

so i was feeling a little dramatic last week when i decided to sell my only U2 ticket. i have decided to hold on to it. thanks for your interest as well, i appreciate that, but i have come to my senses.
i hung out with devon last night. she is a source of constant entertainment and informed me she has a new website, and after 5 minutes of searching i can’t find it. mebbez i suck at this internet thing.
okay folks, here is my secret shame:
i am trying to figure out my own attraction and henceforth addiction to [bleep]e family restaurants. i have been preferring places like dennys and smitty’s over trendy coffee joints for ages now. add boston pizza to that list, they got free refills. my latest haunt seems to be brothers in gas town. i don’t know why. it’s like it is so bad and tacky that it becomes good again. why can’t i feel that way about horrible music?
well, i gotta pick my battles. or something.

it looks like i have 10 days and 10 seconds of music on my system.
james holden tomorrow night, chloe the following night. yes!
music: Habersham & Phil K – Cloudbreak