mmm music is the devil. yay!

chris from hybrid puts some sorta wig on me whilst i attempt to spin at hush. photo by braeden.
i was just busy having a cobra rave in my office and someone from next door comes over and complained! that’s so cool. i am used to people not having the guts to say what their concerns are. isn’t that awful?!

5 thoughts on “mmm music is the devil. yay!”

  1. 404 on the linkage.
    Wow, that’s some picture. I’ll have to ask Chris about that if he shows up in Manchester on Friday.

  2. damn dav, Jxl that rocks. I was just in tokyo and hybrid was playing in the early morning, but could not get the energy to go see them. I was wondering if you could help me locate some good clubs in Auckland, house proggy. I have ;limited internet access and capabilites at the moment and my time is running up. I thought you could network. BTW, YOU MUST buy the new chemical brothers album…you will love it.

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