iwt’s givim a bot

my pal amalia came over to visit for the weekend. there is a flower in this post. this is especially for my friends out in toronto and further out east. look, we gots flowers already, and it’s only january 24th. haa haa haa!

clicky on that one above for a larger version.

6 thoughts on “iwt’s givim a bot”

  1. So happy that I could be your “PAL” hahahahaha I hate that word!
    Thank you for the weekend, it was much needed, really good to talk to somebody new and fun about all my troubles and joys.
    I hope that next time I go we see the same sea-bus girl…….we are so evil! (we have WAY too many inside jokes now)
    can’t wait to make you food
    miss me yet????

  2. Oh, I know, when you got a picture to take, nothing can come inbetween you and that moment. I can’t wait for my camera!!! 😛

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