private road

my heart for now is a private road
no thoroughfare
no heavy load
no slow traffic, no graphic details
of colder collisons
no more stories to make me end
snow falls in silence and covers the green
still you can see where the birds have been
but alive and free
words: bent – private road

nocturnal musings

i can’t stop coughing. i am awake.
stanley park
stanley park
the building i live in
stanley park
victoria park
lions gate bridge
i went shooting with jay last night. it was cool to go some different places and i look forward to our next photo session. some of these shots are from the weekend as well. clicky on last one fer a bigger version.
music: girl nobody – smile and beware (stef & 16 bit lolitas remix)


was it loneliness that brought you here
broken and weak
was it tiredness that made you sleep
have you lost your will to speak
was it emptiness that made you weep
no more secrets to keep
was it bitterness that gave you time
to forgive your sins
was the earth spinning round
were you falling through the ground
as the world came tumbling down
you prayed to God what have we done
free me from these chains
i need to change my way
heal these broken wings
i need to fly far away
free me from these thoughts
long forgotten down below
take these angel’s words
give them life to carry on,
carry on, carry on
free me from these chains…
words: zero 7 – spinning


woe is you, and
woe is me, so
woe, i say, now
we are the woe.
written by da.

just say no, no to woe
and frolic like children, to and fro
for a poem like this, to hell i go
to join the darkling lonely crow.
written by tim emit.

unlocked heart
a longing to hold
take the path
written by mike ph0ng.

escaping from woe,
i dared to go,
far away into myself to grow.
but just like woe,
what a cunning foe,
he found me again to make me low!
written by jen felicity.

i wish it wasn’t so
but I am the woe
uncertainties and fears
are the sources of my tears
i don’t know where to go
i am the woe
wise, without fear
you made it all clear
i don’t have to go
we are the woe
written by amalia.

uncertainty will follow you
but it will not lead the way
take a minute to feel the path
and know what you want today
it is clear to all, now see
who lurketh in our long shadows,
patience can’t be sweet therapy
will we ever escape our woes?
written by davin.

all written today except the first, which was written yesterday.

iwt’s givim a bot

my pal amalia came over to visit for the weekend. there is a flower in this post. this is especially for my friends out in toronto and further out east. look, we gots flowers already, and it’s only january 24th. haa haa haa!

clicky on that one above for a larger version.

junkie xl tonight..

oooooh I am excited for this show.
reasons why I think JunkieXL is worth checking out:

  • Remixed Dave Gahan (from Depeche Mode)’s “Dirty Sticky Floors” and it roxx
  • Remixed Sarah McLachlan’s “World On Fire” and it roxx
  • Remixed Infusion’s “Legacy” and it’s stupid good.
  • Co-produced Sasha’s superb “Airdrawndagger” album
  • Co-produced Conjure 1 (Delerium offshoot)’s debut album
  • Produced Bon Voyage, Zerotonine, Beauty Never Fades, Breezer, and the rather huge double CD RadioJXL.

well that’s all i could come up with a minute ago but it’s plenty of reason to go. if you don’t know the music that well, he’s doing a live pa show so it’ll be plenty more interesting than your regular dj show and he makes really fun dance music. whirred.
the irony of me writing about ‘techno’ whilst listing to a mixed list of janis joplin, norah jones and ella fitzgerrald .. makes me laugh. variety, i say .. helps me appreciate everything more. 🙂
happy friday everybody!