it isn’t about the world of design, it’s about the design of the world

i went to the massive change exhibit today. it is showing until spring 2005 at the Vancouver Art Gallery downtown before it goes to Toronto and then Chicago. it’s really compelling and one of those really positive things that just sneaks up on you. one of the main questions it asks is “now that we […]


hiya, so this is a lil update to say that we’re now concentrating our efforts on now instead of blogbc will feature links categorized by community (wouldn’t it be cool to read blogs from Atlin or Kitimat or Kispiox??!) so it will be more inclusive ergo more interesting. that combined with the fact […]


sometimes i think in order to write something, i just have to sit down and do it. no particular thought comes to me as to what i am going to write about — usually, in fact, in these times, there are plenty of thoughts, just none of which i want to share on the blog. […]

off to victoria..

i didn’t make it anywhere tonight. that’s fine. i talked to tim on the phone for 2 hours. he is in saskatchewan and he’s figuring out how to make tunes. awesome. i am catching the 11 AM ferry to victoria and making an appearance on resonance tomorrow nite with a rather special mix that you’ll […]