forgotten robots

last night in the depths of whatever it is you want to call it, i told richard about how me and devon were listening to a bunch of switchgear tunes last week. she has a bunch burned on to CD and she put them on without telling me who it was.. and i was like “damn.. this is good .. what is this.. i know this..”
and then and there on msn i realized that me and richard have written two songs together and.. so i pulled them out. one of them was almost complete — it was just in need of an ending and some polishing and bits and bats. so i got on it — the first time i had really done any work on any music since i have been here in north vancouver. i plowed through it, making adjustments and tweaking — and adding a whole new arpegiation complete with unique instrumentation. i loaded on a stack of new effects to various parts and voila. there it was!
i sent it to richard and he put it through some massive compression unit he’s got over at his studio, and then he sent it back to me. huuuuge. i sent it to justin, he likes it so much he wants to do a remix of it (!) and made a couple helpful suggestions which i used on the second stab at it. i axed a bunch of reverb and i also put in two new percussion units which just slaaaaaay and the song is tite now. we don’t have a name for the tune yet but i think “forgotten robots” is kind of a neat one, since we almost forgot about it. i sent it to richard and he engineered the compression on it once more, giving it a similar feel to my Nine Inch Nails remix in terms of ducking and such.
that felt really good to finish off a tune in the new place. part of the reason i felt awful yesterday was because i was thinking about how my new place was so perfect for making music, but i had not even attempted to make anything. rad.
update, 5:00 PM: maybe forgotten robots should be our alias? we don’t have one..
update, 5:01 PM: i should mention that richard = switchgear. that makes this a bit more significant!

why am i such an idiot

my phone bill is horrendous. and i feel like garbage and i can’t concentrate on anything. i can’t see myself napping either. it’s time for something new. i just realized today that i spend 2 hours a day commuting. that includes 15 minutes walking to the bus stop, leaving another 5 minutes early so that i don’t miss the bus, 25-30 minute busride up marine drive, and 10 minute walk to the office from the bus stop.
and reverse again.
i guess i am realizing that things aren’t as peachy as i thought they would be here. or could be.
i look every day for a letter in the mail but all i am getting is misaddressed mail and correctly addressed bills.
i am going to eat chocolate for dinner.


this wont be a kryptoblog windtalking post.
i got a complaint letter from building management about the noise on saturday night during my hauswarming party. i feel bad that i was responsible for keeping some folx from enjoying their saturday night 11 PM tea (??). (that’s a joke.)
in all seriousness, i would have preferred to not have disturbed my neighbours, however, they did not phone or knock on my door — therefore i didn’t even have a chance to turn down the stereo or tell people to talk quietly on the deck. i don’t even know which actually caused the complaint — the building manager doesn’t know either.
wow, this feels [bleep]ty that my neighbours wouldn’t knock, the assistant building manager on duty wouldn’t phone, but instead preferred to stay disturbed and write a letter.
maybe it’s just the way i deal with things, but i don’t feel like this was dealt with appropriately. i can appreciate it if they didn’t want to disturb us in the middle of disturbing them.. but that makes no sense. so .. what?
so that is that. a letter really isn’t so bad, but it’s just so impersonable. i guess. and i would’ve preferred not to disturb them. i didn’t know.

housewarming the white cave

the hauswarming was über last night. the white cave was broken in .. in style. thank you to all who could make it. my place feels better with people in it. so much better. now i feel like i am here. having visitors and all. awesome.
anand and soren put together my new futon whilst i got ready for the party and sorted things out. i took care of them with gin and tonic and a fine selection of sleeman’s best. the new futon pwnz and today i got a an external firewire dvd+rw drive, so i can watch movies. first one i popped in: the extended version of LOTR. niiiiiiiiice! i have to admit that i had to haxx0r OSX to let me play a DVD off of an external drive. apple disabled external drives from playing video due to some ‘legalities’ which they don’t explain. anyway i haxxed it and now it works dandy.

sorry everybody

i love this. i mean i think it’s smart, but in an intelligent way. not smarmy-smart, but more like good intelligent communication. there’s some thought here which goes a long way:
basically the site goes ahead and apologizes to the rest of the world (not america) for the election results. they claim to speak for the other 50% .. so they’re not pretending to represent everybody.. just the democrats really. and the nader supporters. yeah. anyways the site explains itself fairly well and i think it’s a fabulously simple but effective use of the internet.
the second picture is taken from the site. the first one was election night at jenlucy’s.
thanks for that link jordan. if the site is slow it’s because of a tonne of traffic. i mean that site. this site too, actually. did a gig of traffic yesterday and would have continued .. krishen had some rad videos from ultimate on the server, but they became too popular and so he took them offline a few mins ago, which immediately made a huge difference in my download speed .. i am moving a bunch of files from work to home since i am working at home today.. and possibly monday as well.


reminds you of.. this is my list .. idea from someone..don’t remember who.. you take this list of what reminds you of what and so on.. it’s an association game.. i originally wrote this on 2002-09-20 22:21:06.. wow. it’s been in draft for over two years..
Cranberries – Linger (reminds you of an ex-lover)
U2 – Until The End Of The World (reminds you of an ex-friend)
Legend B – Lost In Love (makes you cry)
Adam Sandler – Ode To My Car (makes you laugh)
Hybrid – Theme From Wide Angle (makes you wanna dance)
Our Lady Peace – Starseed (makes you wanna run and jump)
Longview & Ulrich Schnauss – Will You Wait Here (reminds you of the one you love)
Massive Attack – Unfinished Sympathy (reminds you of the one you want)
U2 – So Cruel (you wish you wrote)
Coldplay – Amsterdam (you want to get married to)
Filter – Hey Man Nice Shot (makes you wanna mosh)
The Offspring – Bad Habit (helps you vent your frustration)
Pet Shop Boys – Being Boring (sums up your teenage years)
Dead Can Dance – The Host of Seraphim (you like to wake up to)
Live – Lightning Crashes (you love but you wouldn’t know about it if it wasn’t for a friend)
Lucas – Lucas With The Lid Off (you love the video more than the song)
Sarah McLachlan – Posession (reminds you of your 1st crush)
Moby – God Moving Over The Face Of The Waters (you love from your favorite movie)
Prodigy – Smack My Bitch Up (you love to hear at clubs)
Global Communication – Alpha Phase (makes you think of the moon)
L.S.G. – Netherworld (makes you think of the stars)
Fresh Prince – Summertime (makes you think of the sun)
Lamb – Gorecki (makes you think of sex)
U2 – Mothers of the Disappeared (makes you think about death)
Depeche mode – Enjoy the Silence (makes you think of being alone)

one evening redesign

i suppose it’s 2 am. but what the hay! i redesigned the whole thing from start to finish tonight. thanks goes to jim for diligently testing it on the windoze side the second it arrived on the web. there were a few issues, but we ironed them out in pretty short order. now i just gotta redux the photo gallery and then we’re set. i’m going to upgrade to the new version of gallery first tho. i’ll save that for tomorrow night.
the photo is from begbie st. in victoria. emily pointed out the weird light from a nearby traffic light bouncing off the manhole cover.. since everything else is non-reflective, its pretty cool looking on its own!
i also (finally) have an “about” page. what should i put on there? whadya wanna know that you don’t already know? this site was originally only intended for a few of my friends to have a boo at, but i see that there are a few more folks reading that i don’t know. so here you go, this is your chance to ask me whatever you want and i’ll answer it in the “about” section. whirred.

hallowe’en traffic

what a fabulous weekend. i got to hit the radio show up on friday night, go coffee with ria, met up with justin and james to move the pacificfront project forward, went on a little photoexpedition with james, went by gurton’s with jim to put together the costume, and got dressed up for saturday night.
the cowboy.
the cowboy picked up his special friend the chinalady and they went for pre-halloween eats at the med grill, then went to upstairs cabaret, temple, a haus party, and then finally hush, wandered the streets of victoria for a bit, and then hit paul’s motor inn diner and wrapping it up for the night.
it occured to me whilst wandering the streets of victoria with gurton on sunday that it was, then — now at the time, still and actually hallowe’en. so we should still be in our costumes. but i had returned the goods and really saturday night was plenty. we had bronsh (brunch) at demitasse and then off to put together the rest of gurton’s costume. i was to spend actual hallowe’en on the ferry. not that i trick-or-treat anymore, but it’s more the thought that was sad.
the ferry was noisy, and i was tired. i bought a note pad and started writing my thoughts out so i could avoid spinning my thoughts in circles. on the trips back from the island it always happens. so i wrote it down, tried dozing for a bit but i couldn’t because of the noise..
i used to travel back and forth between the island and vancouver a lot about 5 years ago four about half a year straight. it was actually a lot of fun, but what i remember most about that period of time was that music became my companion while i spent a lot of time traveling on my own.
when i got into downtown vancouver, the PCL let me off at burrard and robson. i don’t remember the PCL ever going that way before but it did last night. it was about 9:30 PM .. having read earlier in the day about Ulrich Schnauss’ latest remix work being Depeche Mode, it got me thinking that it would be a good time to pick up one of their older albums that i really like called “Songs of Faith and Devotion”. instead i found the new Depeche Mode remix compilation, a triple CD of full length remixes, including the new Ulrich Schnauss remix of “Little 15”. wow. what else should i really expect though? ulrich is amazing.. i hope he enjoys his music as much as i do because i want him to continue making it…
i told the chinalady that there are some entries on this blog that never make it past draft status .. meaning i can see it but no one else can, no friends, nobody. just me. the point being that writing helps me figure out my thoughts and the blog serves a nonobvious purpose..
there are entries that are somewhere between being a public blog post and being an unpublished one.. and those are usually edited and categorized as windtalking posts.
so there you have it. if you have ever thought about starting a blog, and have not because you don’t want to tell everyone everything — well, the news is that you don’t need to *publish* everything.
the scrawling i did on the ferry on the notepad i bought is the closest thing i have done in terms of a personal journal in years. i don’t know if i am going to write any more. maybe on road trips, maybe it’ll be my travellogue. i am not even sure i want to read what i wrote in there, it’s all raw thought expressed for the purpose of not holding it inside. maybe tonight i’ll read it and see what i wrote..

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