oh, you know .. that’s just too bad

junkieXL .. unfortunately .. has been hospitalized .. and wont be able to make it to vancouver for the show tonight .. that’s awful news, but the good news is that he’s going to be okay. ph1 will reschedule when they can.
here are the questions i was going to ask him in the interview, please feel free to add any you think of (the interview will happen at the later to-be-determined date):

  • what are you currently working on?
  • favorite artists / influences
  • any planned collaborations?
  • what’s it like touring places that DJ’s usually play, what’s it like doing a Live PA, how do you find the reaction?
  • what changed for you between big sounds of the drags and radio jxl? the sound changed quite a bit.. where and when and how did the progressive house sound start for you?
  • what is your creative process like? where do your ideas for tracks come from?
  • how was it working with all the vocalists on radioJXL? were they collaborative efforts? are you planning other collaborations? how do you work together creatively, if that is the case?
  • the producers corner on your website is already shaping up to be a great resource. the FM7 article was very informative. what else are you planning to do with producers corner?
  • where are the junkiexl dancers from the giant photogallery?
  • why did you move from the Netherlands to the United States, Los Angeles?
  • is there any soundtrack work on the way that you can tell me about?
  • are you DJing? i hear you are DJing on your Mac in public. is that true? tell me a bit about that and your views of the modern DJ experience, and how would you compare it to the LivePA experience.
  • some comparisons are being drawn between you and BT after your last album, radioJXL came out. how would you say you are different than BT?
  • what do you see happening next for junkiexl?

so, i’ll be going to town tonight to meet up with a friend, and then maybe after that i’ll check out alibi because it’s miguel’s birthday and adrian is over and making an appearance. woo! tomorrow daytime i am going to take the ferry to victoria. it’ll be nice to go in the afternoon instead of the morning or evening. i’m looking forward to the relaxing ride. i work monday in victoria on a photoshoot and it’s got me thinking — well, besides doing some photoshoots at WMC in Miami early next year, i think i need to step the camera situation up a few notches. the g2 is awesome and i can take many SLR-like shots but at this point it’s the lens on the camera that is limiting me. that and a speedlite. if i get a new canon 20d and a speedlite .. i know i could put it to full use. i just don’t have the money to do it. yet. the g2 will last me a good deal longer but i know that i have mastered every piece, every function and nuance of it. i want a new challenge; the challenge lately has been getting out with the g2 and shooting. i have scoped out a few locations but haven’t had the opportunity to go down and shoot the stuff. i am thinking mostly the dry-dock at lower lonsdale and the train tracks and all the trains. i don’t really have anyone to go shoot with, it turns out, in north vancouver. heather’s busy with her new job and i don’t know anyone else who is a fiend for photography like i do in victoria. which makes me look forward to the weekend trip just a little bit more.
trance drive!!

time warp zone

i am posting from the time warp zone, the time between 10 PM and midnight, the part of the night where i invariably have the most energy and time flies and i don’t know what happened!
woah! this post took 1 minute.
got tonnes done tonight. i took a cue from work and made a to-do list for what i wanted to accomplish tonight. i have only EMAIL left to do. so that ain’t bad. but i can spend an hour on an email if i get into it; when i was writing to dave this past year i would spend as much as 5 hours on a single email. granted, we were talking about heavy heavy stuff, but i was in that zone. that occurred from 1-5 AMish usually. it’s just those times.. that’s the same kind of time range when i am completely and totally creative. but i can’t do that on a weeknight..
i took back the insider to blockbuster and told them the movie stopped half way through. which is true. i had to hack at the player to get it to start 30-45 seconds after the unplayable part of the DVD. they gave me a store credit. i didn’t use it tonight. maybe later.
i payed all my bills, i talked at SOCAN and VISA, returned misaddressed mail, have looked at possible message board solutions for Pacific Front Recordings v2, and am listening to some Tuesday Night Music Club on a Wednesday evening. how sweet it is.
oh look, yeah 15 minutes disappeared whilst writing this. i think this might be the time of night that most of the people who i need to talk to are online. it just happens to be that way with the people i really want to talk to and they want to talk to me. or maybe it has nothing to do with that. but i am doing some talking here. this is what i am saying.

oh yeah!

i am sooooooooooooooo tired. it’s like. the weekend of no sleep. so.
after having dinner at my aunt and uncles on friday i went with anand to go see josee allard at the nelson st. cafe .. we met up with leah there. it was part of the new music west conference and it was a great show in an intimate venue. super, awesome! thanks for the guestlist action.
after that we went to lotus to check out cary chang and kevin shiu. more guestlist action. really good show as usual.. kevin even played the new Hi Fi Bugs track which i love. the edits are crazy and it’s great to hear it loud. cary finished his set with grayarea’s gravity and it rocked. hey — it costs $23 to take a cab back to north vancouver from downtown.
now i know that. heheh.
josee mentioned that she had one extra wristband for the conference so i decided to go. i was originally going to skip it [on saturday] but i am really glad i didn’t. so .. i was hoping that i would meet some key people in the industry that which could help pacific front recordings ..
as a joke i suggested that i attend with josee as her remixer / engineer and then we started talking about it.. she is interested in having one of her tracks remixed and it’s a tune i quite like, so we’ll be trading multi-track masters soon.. woohoo!
i want logic audio platinum. *pine*

cool conference bits: funding seminar, management seminar
it was great to finally get answers to some questions i have been asking for the last year or so. i knew the answers were out there, i just wasn’t talking to the right people.. until now. i think this is part of the reason i moved to vancouver.. there is a lot happening in the music industry. i mean, nettwerk is based from here. i haven’t inundated them with Pacific Front Recordings propaganda yet but it is shuffled somewhere into my deck for certain.
not as cool conference bit: a&r seminar
hearing one the a&r folks from a certain major label completely trash on band demos was a bit disappointing. he sounded so tactless.
* * *
leah and anand were over last night and we watched “the insider.” i attemped to watch this movie a couple years ago but my attempt was thwarted by something. i am not sure what, i can’t remember. however, i do want to say this right now: it was incredible. what a great movie. 9/10. that’s my rating scale.. the only point it got off for was the borrowing of music from heat, another michael mann movie. come on michael! cinematography .. incredible. story .. even better. and the soundtrack was quite good anyway. acting was top notch .. russel crowe and al pacino. and, i mean, michael mann directing, so you know there are going to be some good scenes where the actors do their thing well.
i went for lunch with denise and jay today at browns. they have the best soup i have ever had (except for mom’s chicken noodle soup). yummmy.
today is a day of cleaening up.. did laundry .. started at 3:30 pm and was done cleaning and doing laundry by 8:30. boring. i am totally pooped so i am going to sleep early after i am done chatting with one of my australian buddies about choons and producing. i think they are 7 hours behind but a day ahead. woot, i finally get it!

emily’s china

“hey want a drink?”
[bird flies over]
[makes insane alien-like noises after listening to us drink]
“holy crap what was that??”
“china makes this noise..”
“i sooo want to sample that and put it in a song..”
* * *
“hi i brought my minidisc recorder..”
* * *
“so you’re going to make a song out of this?”
* * *
“you don’t use the black keys on your keyboard very much. you need to use them more, i can tell by the dust sitting on them.”
“yeah i don’t know why i am always in a major key. i should try something different.”
* * *
– a month later –
“hi i don’t know if you’re into this kind of stuff but the northern lights are going crazy right now.”
“what .. what time is it .. 1:30 am.. woah .. there they are .. i’m going to try and take some pictures of this..”
* * *
-the next night-
“i like arpegiations that jump octaves.”
“yeah those are cool.”
“the pictures didn’t turn out. all it looks like is a glowing sky. not unusual. but it was.”
“come hear this ambient tune i did last night.. i made song elements to match the two different types of visual activity in the sky last night.. the green curtains and the white pulsating light..”
“wow. this is amazing.”
[it was.]
* * *
– walking home at 1 am, looking for more northern lights.. seeing none, but seeing the city underneath a bank of fog.. wondering why i haven’t made a completely ambient tune yet. inspired by something new.. –
* * *
i wrote the song between 1:30 and 5:00 AM and finished it off today..

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i went to the ubc museum of anthropology on tuesday night to check out a lecture by patricia vickers. along the way, being lost in the fog, i took a few shots on the way in and the way out..

it’s funny .. out of all the valuable things i have photographed in vancouver .. my favorite picture so far is this one of this garbage can.. worthless except that it keeps the quay clean and really knows how to clean up for a photo.. haha.