looks like a painting

i got two of my photos outputting on 18″ x 24″ matte, and i framed them tonight. they look awesome. i need two nails to hang them with. one of them is the stone lady and the other is the wasp.
when all is said and done, it’s $50 a pop for the framing and the large print. Expensive for a photo, cheap for a decoration.
i think the air in my appartment is making me sick. or the cold weather. i am going to sleep as early as i can tonight..

surrey style bowling

you know, there is something so awesome about bowling in surrey. on saturday night jason introduced me to his friends that he grew up with and i was privvy to this unique surrey phenomenon that most outsiders could not understand unless they were in on it. indeed, as they called it, crazybowling in surrey was an experience..

stand round hold hands

The last tear that you cried
Was your last wave goodbye
The first arc of the sun
Appeared in the sky
To light up the room
And all who stand round
Holding your hand
She gave you a flower
To plant before dawn
And gave us this house
With a wild green lawn
The longer it’s been
The deeper it goes
No one can live
On this much sleep
If I let you in, you’ll ruin my day
If I let you out, you’ll look back and see
That I’m tired beyond belief
And I’m scared to fall asleep
I thought that I lay awake in my room
Until I woke it slowly seeped in
She beats on my chest, I’ve been here before
I thought that I heard feet in the hall

by The Zephyrs, remix by Ulrich Schnauss .. incredible tune, just stupidly good. i took the long way home tonight.

if it looks like anything

i am on the north shore right now, but basically if you could see it from downtown right now it would look something like this. clouds are over the city centre offices (hehehe) and it’s clear and brilliant here, an usual juxtoposition but it seems to happen once every couple weeks. no arguements here, yesterday it was dark at 3 PM with cloud cover and all.
i am talking to rishi on msn about inevitabilities and we have agreed on a few, which is kinda a neat thing to share.
today is the day i get lots of work done. oh yeah, a tonne has already been done. i got a headache so i didn’t go to carrie’s b-day bash at sonar last night, instead i went to sleep at 10:45. 10:45 on a friday night! who’s the party man? oh yeah! but i feel great today.
speaking of inevitabilities, i am just about done a second remix of charles’ ultra cool “ghosted” track and he just finished up a remix of justin’s enormous “voice of qi”. remixes of prominence and dreamcache are being worked on and the wheels are in motion.
i guess this is a production post but i have been doing so many of them lately that i’d rather just make this a blog post. i mean this is my life, and it would be a blog post anyways, but posting pictures blows the crap out of the layout on the AFK site, a minor oversite on my part but easy enough to deal with.
lots to do, gotta go, see ya on the other side. it’s definitely a pro-fit baseball hat day.
listening to live – throwing copper

sound bytes

every week for the last looong long time, the fabulous seattle dj chloe harris (whom i happen to have a huge crush on, shhh, don’t tell) has been putting together mixes of the latest and greatest from around the world for the ever-up-front progressive-sounds.com website. so it is fair to say i am pretty stoked that she started this week’s show off with my newest track, “emily’s china.”
if you’re curious as to what emily’s china sounds like, take a listen to the newest sound bytes. here is the tracklisting:

  1. AFK – Emily’s China [Unsigned]
  2. Derek Howell – I Was Just Leaving [Bedrock]
  3. Space Manoeuvres – Quadrant 4 (Dousk Terran Mix) [Lost Language]
  4. Leama & Moor – Fact Of The Matter [Lost Language]
  5. The MFA – The Difference It Makes (Superpitcher Mix) [Kompakt]

ps: last night turned out really good.

los furios

i am working away furiously at this new remix — it is one of charles’ tracks called “ghosted”. though i am way behind my own schedule, i find myself working at an incredible pace, certainly faster than most times that preceed this. i think when you get inspired something cool happens.
i am inspired.
full of hope and wonder.

formulate – rising edge

the second release on pacific front recordings comes from justin humber, aka formulate. if you’ve been attending certain all night events and club nights in the victoria and vancouver area for the last few months, you’ve likely heard this blasting at the peak hours of the night.
“An eight minute dancefloor-igniting groover backed by a bassline that refuses to be ignored. Packaged with a fitful, punchy breakbeat mix courtesy of AFK.”

my point of view: this is justin’s first official release (if you don’t count the PFRX releases, which are quite good) on Pacific Front Recordings. since plotting for the label began, a lot has changed, including me moving from victoria to vancouver, and possibly justin as well, and definitely charles. what hasn’t changed over the last several years is justin’s amazing talent for writing quality progressive house, and i am honoured to run a music label with him — and also honoured to remix a track i lost it to on the dance floor earlier this year. how cool is that? so cool.

it was worth it

haa haa, woo hoo victoria! good times central.
friday night someone asked me something bery bery special and i said yes. omg. more on that later! *suspense*
after, i hung out with jenlucy, adrian, jen, ryan (dave), miguel and some more at the alibi room .. cool place in the east end.
saturday i made the 1 pm ferry, a feat of making a reservation for en-route pickup by PCL and seabus mastery. scheduling skillz. no main street bus for me. hah!
in the afternoon met up with charles, he gave me two records .. wicked. proggy breaks. mm. then we had dinner at my parents place and went to meet james pezguy at qv’s. we ran into mike ph0ng and leah there, and then me james and charles went to go photoshoot the arena in construction. some neat shots were taken but we were both suffering from dead camera batteries.
thanks to erik starting things off right, i had a great night last night. home by 6:30. AM. i’ll definitely leave it at that.
today i had lunch with new-hair jason and i guess it was actually breakfast. bluefox was full and with a lineup even at 2 pm so we went to avalon which was an unexpected and welcome delight. yummy breakfast food; i recommend their toast. then it was over to windrim’s for some grey cup action. what a disappointing game. i remember why i don’t watch the cfl anymore. besides not having a tv…
text messaging is working well this weekend. no long distance calls so far. thats what i expect. 3 photoshoots tomorrow.. very cool.