i found a place to live!

  1. krishen and i checked out 34 places in two days in the west end and north vancouver.
  2. we found a fantastic place in north vancouver, with a wicked view of the city. sweet action. it is on a bus route to work, and 5 blocks from my brother anand. pwnage. the damage deposit is paid and i take over a 6 month lease on October the 1st.
  3. happy birthday charles!
  4. happy birthday rishi!
  5. i sort of omitted that i was going to go see a concert last night in vancouver. i did. sarah mclachlan was incredible — the last show of her world tour. i got a “fashion poster” after the show. hawt! that’ll definitely go up in the new place.
  6. go team canada! see ya czechs!
  7. i have not forgotten about the photogroffee pix. i will most likely post them tomorrow as i only have a bit of time right now to hang out with all of my brothers before we once again split up to opposite corners of north america.
  8. bye!

there’s a fly on my..

..cup handle.

  1. photogroffee was awesome. soon i will show you. but first..
  2. i am going to vancouver in the morning to look for a place to live.
  3. team canada is kicking ass in the world hockey super tournement thingie.
  4. baraka. i get something new out of it every time i see it. i saw it again tonight with emily and it was rad.
  5. why did i only now just find tappy hour at the med grill on fort street? i love it!

hybrid (uk) @ hush last night

what an incredible show. big props to the diligent staff of hush and innergroove for putting on what i now regard as my best experience DJing. and massive props to all my friends who came out to make the night as special as it was!
my set was dedicated to brent. i don’t normally do this, but here is my tracklisting from last night:

  1. momu – descolada [dislodged remix] (3 beat breaks)
  2. habersham – leaving tifton [digital witchcraft remix] (white label)
  3. jiva – strange dimensions [dub-mensions mix] (bedrock breaks)
  4. amiel – the chase [hi-fi bugs remix] (festival)
  5. fretwell – ember (electrofly)
  6. future renegades – fine day (white label)
  7. deep cover – beatstalker [general midi remix] (hope)
  8. miro – paradise [farmatronic creeping mix] (hooj choons)
  9. planisphere – frogger (green martian)
  10. bjork – pagan poetry [infusion remix] (rr1000)
  11. luke chable – melburn (bedrock breaks)
  12. formulate – rising edge [afk remix] (unreleased – pacific front)
  13. 21st century fux – sunspirit [chable & gough’s oreo breakbeat remix] (inversus limited)
  14. afk – magnetic [chompers mercy kill remix] (pacific front)
  15. britney spears – breathe on me [james holden vocal mix] (unreleased)
  16. nine inch nails – that’s what i get [afk remix] (unreleased)
  17. idjut boys & quakerman – radio rage [16b remix] (glasgow underground)
  18. afk – carmichael (unreleased)
  19. mario piu presents dj arabesque – the vision [starecase’s b52 remix] (bxr)
  20. evrydaydowners – this world [chris lake remix] (white label)

an amazing night. i can’t remember hush ever feeling like that. hybrid really rocked out. my favorite part of their set had to be when they dropped their own remix of REM. totally amazing.
this was the first time i can remember feeling nervous before a gig in many many years. i love that feeling. why did it go away?
ears still ringing..

hush hush

what an awesome night at hush. braeden played an inspired set, and everyone could tell. at the peak of the night, braeden dropped my newest production, one that i made in one sitting, a track dedicated to brent carmichael named “carmichael.” have a look at this 30 second video of the end of the breakdown of the tune dedicated to brent. tomorrow night.. or later today.. i am spinning with Hybrid. what an honour indeed. to quote the specmeister, see you on the dancefloor. doors open at 9 PM!

resonance: hybrid special

tonight’s show (10:30 PM – 3:00 AM) will consist of some original hybrid material from their first album, a tonne of remixes in the form of a DJ mix by me and nick gurns, and also the good old resonance hybrid interview if we can get the damn computer to do its job. heh heh. we’re live on 101.9 FM here in victoria, 104.3 on cable. streaming audio here.
intro tracklisting:

  • Hybrid – Beachcoma (Distinctive)
  • Hybrid – Dreaming Your Dreams (Distinctive)
  • Hybrid – Snyper (Distinctive)
  • Hybrid – Theme from Wide Angle (Distinctive)
  • Hybrid – We are in Control (Distinctive)

mix tracklisting:

  • BT – Godspeed [Hybrid remix] (Renaissance)
  • Sarah McLachlan – Fear [Hybrid’s Supercollider remix] (Nettwerk)
  • Hybrid – Higher than a Skyscraper [Hybrid’s Twitch and Sweat remix] (Distinctive)
  • Kinnie Starr – Alright [Hybrid’s Toronto Tech Dub] (Release)
  • Montano vs. The Trumpet Man – Itsa Trumpet Thang [Hybrid remix] (Serious)
  • Freq Nasty featuring Phoebe One – Boomin’ Back Atcha [Hybrid’s Music to Plough Fields To mix] (Botchit and Scarper)
  • Lennie de ICE – We Are IE [Hybrid’s Dark mix] (Distinctive)
  • John Creamer and Stephane K featuring Oliver Twist – I Love You [Hybrid’s Claustrophobic remix] (Acetate)
  • Conjure One featuring Sinead O’Conner – Tears From The Moon [Hybrid’s Twisted on the Terrace Dub] (Nettwerk)
  • BT featuring M. Doughty – Never Gonna Come Back Down [Hybrid’s Breaktek mix] (Nettwerk / Distinctive)
  • Grayarea featuring Erik Shepard – Gravity [Hybrid’s Love From Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch Remix] (Hope Recordings)
  • Hybrid – Celebrity Science (Distinctive)
  • Two Bad Mice – Bombscare [Hybrid remix] (Distinctive)
  • Ron Houder – Outskirts [Hybrid’s Tech Funk Breaks Mix] (Global Cuts)
  • Monk & Canatella – Enter the Monk [Hybrid Electrotek Dub Mix] (Telstar)
  • Hybrid – Snyper [High Velocity Edit] (Distinctive)
  • Andreas Johnson – Glorious [Hybrid remix] (Distinctive)
  • Moby – Bodyrock [Hybrid remix] (Distinctive)
  • Jaded Little Pill – Accelerator (Distinctive)
  • Hybrid – Kill City (Distinctive)
  • Hybrid – Finished Symphony (Distinctive)
  • Energy 52 – Café Del Mar [Hybrid’s Timetraveller remix] (Hooj Choons)
  • DJ Rap – Bad Girl [Hybrid remix] (Distinctive)
  • Vernon’s Wonderland – Vernon’s Wonderland [Hybrid’s Echoplex mix] (MP2)
  • Hybrid – Theme From Wide Angle [Rolling Thunder Mix] (Distinctive)
  • Albion – Air [Hybrid Supersonic Mix] (Platipus)
  • Gouryella – Walhalla [Hybrid’s Echoplex Mix] (Tsunami)
  • Golden Girls – Kinetic [Hybrid’s Audiopyrotechnix Mix]
  • Kriminal – Loud ‘n’ Proud [Hybrid Mix] (Intravenous)
  • James & Truman – Hear Me [Dub] (Vicious Vinyl)
  • Ron Houder – Outskirts [Hybrid Tech Funk Mix] (Global Cuts)
  • Maurice – Feline [Original Union Mix] (Distinctive)
  • Musique vs. U2 – New Years Dub [Hybrid Remix] (Serious)
  • Hybrid – Symphony [Original 96 Mix] (Distinctive)

brent carmichael

brent has been referred to as ‘the godfather of electronic music’ here on vancouver island. his generousity and spirit have touched many, including myself, and i am incredibly sad to say that earlier today brent carmichael passed away. this was just posted on ravevictoria.com:
“As some of you know, Brent Carmichael was having health problems that he kept close for personal reasons. Due to complications of these health issues Brent passed away at 8:25am sept 2nd 2004.
In respect of Brents wishes, there will NOT be a funeral service.
With his approval there will be a celebration of his life at a later date.
This is not a joke. I, David Tillson, Brents friend for 25 years am writing this on Brents roomate Ians pc.[ if you so need comfirmation ]
The end of Brents life was witnessed by myself and 4 of Brents closest friends. We have tried to phone and contact many people in person, we apologise to those who we could not reach.
‘We love you Brent’