oh yeah!!
while playing tennis last evening, i saw what i can only describe as a davinbow. or a raindavin.
it was not raining. it was hot and there were some clouds in the sky. i looked up and discovered a rainbow directly overhead, except that it was curving like an “S”! now i have seen rainbow-spots [“sun dogs”] in the clouds before (usually horizontal from the sun, refracting against clouds), and there were a couple in the sky, but this thing directly above was completely different.
it was long, and it featured two seperate curves in opposite directions (like an elongated “s”). i didn’t have my camera with me (of course, augh). but i don’t know what it is.
what is it?!

holy crap i forgot to post!

whoops, tuesday passed and i didn’t post! i’ve been a busy bee. i am working more on this new track, with a SECRET CODENAME. so i need to give the secret codename a codename. lets call it DotM. yes. i have been working on DotM and honestly it is going to blow my other stuff out of the water. okay well maybe it wont blow it all out of the water, but this is toooootally the kind of track i have been wanting to do for a while and just have not done.

2 years of creative habit

august 7th marks two years of blogging on this server. first it was my IP address, then davin.dhs.org, now it’s davin.ws. right on! there’s a lack of photos lately, not because i have not been taking them, but because i have to rebuild my iPhoto library, and i am going to wait until i have my new hard drive (within the next week) to do that, because my photo library is around 15,000 pictures and weighs in around 26 gigs now. yeah! as the recent posts have displayed, i am having a bit of fun in illustrator and indesign to make up for it. my second monitor is running and this is so effing awesome i can’t begin to explain it. it’s such a nerd thing but basically the size of my digital desk just doubled! that equals more productivity in the music and graphic area. it’ll be nice to be able to have my photo library on one screen and document layout on another, and blog entry on one screen, and photo on another, and dreamweaver on one screen, and the browser on the other, and music sequencer on one screen, and instrument rack on the other.. etc etc. wooo!
here is some news: i am moving to vancouver in less than two months!! 🙂
gotta sleep. finished getting ready (i think) for my trip to vancouver and seattle which starts in 5 hours! byebye.

resonance mixset: leekee

Featured Track:

  • AFK – Magnetic [Formulate remix] (Pacific Front)
  • Dialectic – Funk You (CDr)

Featured Mix: leekee

  • Mauro M.B.S. – Philosphy of House [Club Mix] (Reshape)
  • DJ Fist – El Pájaro (Tumbata)
  • Jay Tripwire – Allnight (Nightshift)
  • Fries & Bridges – Inside Out (Nightshift)
  • Jay Tripwire – In Your Mind (Village)
  • Tony Thomas presents The Night Train – Night Train (Warbled)
  • Jay Tripwire – Living (Inversus)
  • Locodice – Phat Dope [bleep] (Four Twenty)
  • Jay J & Chris Lum – Freaks Like Us [Max Reich Remix] (Fluent)
  • Mazi & Chris Udoh – This Planet (Siesta)
  • Grant Dell and DJ Hogi – How Do You Feel (Pancake)
  • Grant Dell – Make Me Freak (Detour)
  • Bamboo – Sambafunk (Bamboo)
  • David Gausa – American XS (Sondos)
  • Sucker DJs – It’s Gotta Be (Azuli Silver)
  • DJ Ramirez – Freaque On [DJ Ramirez Twisted Vox] (Slave)
  • Infusion – Do To You [In ’82] (Audio Therapy)
  • Qualia – Qualia Nation (Minimal)
  • Echomen – Radar (Forensic)
  • Qualia – Phenomenology (Minimal)
  • Aferdark Inc – Come On (Nightshift)
  • Pair of Jacks – Funkin’ Dance [House Mix] (A-Trax)
  • Meat Katie meets Christian J – Turn Me Out (Kingsize)


starkid passed away late last week after being hit by a truck on a highway near houston. i found out friday. i used to talk to him online, send him music, he gave me feedback, etc. that kind of thing. he was very funny online — he came into #proghouse as “jeyjeydig” and said totally wacky stuff. he was a brilliant producer, and a tribute remix disc is coming out on release records very soon.
he had a track on nick warren’s latest global underground, as well as a few other tracks on vinyl.. not bad for an 18 year old.
it is a strange age we live in. one where you can get to know someone without ever meeting them, one where the loss of their presence is felt without ever knowing what the person looked like or talked like.
it feels strange.
the following is a slightly modified bio of him, musically:
Starkid was Adam Spears.
Starkid hails from Nacogdoches, Texas. A small town in Texas most famous for its high consumption of beer and for being “where the space shuttle fell down at”. The music making began early in life with a natural attraction to Casio’s and mandolins. An accidental software download led him into the seedy world of hardcore electronic music production. A dire love for pretty sounds pushed him to the warmer side of things, the club influence coming from people like James Holden, Gwill Morris, and Sander Kleinenberg.
“Melodies are so important to me, I mean like, really important.” This attitude has kept him at the forefront of a genre drowned in congas. His music extends beyond club music, well beyond club music infact. He’s recently formed a fun band with his best friend and Steve Vai wannabe Zach Jones, and a crazy girl with a million dreams Evelyn Malinowski. They have formed a space-age emo-core group named Babylumalautaroonie and the Jerry Lewis Bone-A-Thons feat. Athena. Taking influence from a wide range of artists including Tortoise, Modest Mouse, 2-Pac, The Blood Brothers and Dream Theater, their sound was a mish-mash of crazy noise and precise musical calculation. “It’s like what happens if you were to like, you know, take a bunch of little kids and give them Fenders and force them to learn music theory, but also give them tons of pixie sticks and coffee. Thats sort of what we sound like.”
The electronic side of his production focuses on “wussed-out” pretty music, either in the downtempo or housey vein. His past work has been featured by both big dj’s and small, and on radio stations such as Proton Radio. His collaborations have included remixes for undiscovered gems like E-sin, and full on collaborations with full-time cigarette smoker Danny Moore. Their alias “Jey and Jordan” was a combination of their online monikers and personality’s which are far more attractive than their real life counterparts. A mutual love for beef jerky and Donnie Darko led them to come up with a few tracks and plans for even more down the line.
Not yet a man, no longer a child, like Britney Spears, Starkid continues to develop in musical style. Though their music and appearance may be different, they share the same last name and often times the same fashion choices. They also share a love of fun, which Starkid stressed was the most important thing ever.
“Girls just wanna have fun, but so do I, is that so wrong?”
* * *
R.I.P. starkid.

massive! thursday aug. 5th

hey folks! this is this thursday, so as i now appear to have my act together, i no longer have a reason not to post it. see!?

please come and support islandkidz — a good cause indeed.
i had an über relaxing day today out at gurton’s cabin on west shawnigan lake, near camp pringle. sooo nice. pictures to come..